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Black Sea Coast of Turkey

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Turkey's Black Sea Coast

The Black Sea coast of Turkey is famous with its green forests, traditional wooden houses, extraordinary plateaus, also untouched beautiful beaches. The air is mild and the sea flows milky white to deep turquoise and black under storm clouds.


Sinop is one of the most natural harbours of the Eastern Black Sea. Sinop has many fascinating things to see, and the beaches are small. Nice beaches, never crowded, because the Black Sea water is usually pretty chilly.


Samsun is a modern industrial city that has served as a major port for centuries. Samsun is the largest city on Turkey's Black Sea coast, offers fine scenery and swimming opportunities that become increasingly restricted.


Amasra is the beautiful seaside resort town with a nice beach, pleasant vistas, and great fish restaurants. Located on two rocky promontories and surrounded by an impressive cliff lined coast, Amasra is one of the jewels of the Black Sea coast.


Agva on the banks of a river as well as on the shores of the Black Sea Region, is surrounded by lovely scenery, ideal for camping holiday. Delightful restaurants and limpid water draw a constant stream of visitors.


Sile is a small holiday and fishing town situated rocks on the Black Sea coast. You have to be an excellent swimmer in order to swim in the sea here.


Kirklareli's Black Sea coast is another place to enjoy beaches and good fish restaurants. Igneada, 98 km east of Kirklareli, lies sandwiched between sandy shores and the Yildiz Mountains.


Akcakoca is a small, modern and the most ideal place to start your journey of the Black Sea coast, with its foaming waves, centuries old sycamore trees, lovely sandy beaches.

Black Sea Coast of Turkey

Inceburun Lighthouse, Sinop