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Eastern Anatolia Region of Turkey

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Turkey's Eastern Anatolia Region

In the trails of history. Marked by some of the most striking examples of Turkish culture and architecture, presents visitors with a geography that begs to be seen. The historical treasures in the region carry the traces of layers of civilizations.

Eastern Anatolia

The sparsely populated Eastern Anatolian Region of Turkey is covered with high mountains. These mountains' average elevation of the peaks being more than 3200 m. Many of the peaks are extinct volcanoes, with the traces of lava left behind confirming the fact that they have been active in the recent past. Mount Ararat in Agri, the supposed landing place of Noah's Ark, is located in the Eastern Anatolian Region.

The productive, bountiful belts such as the Mus Valley, lying west of Lake Van and the various river valleys are far for human inhabitation. The remaining of the Eastern Anatolian Region comprising the northern rugged highlands referred to as Turkey's Siberia, the craggy mountains and the vast lands of the Eastern Anatolian Region are barren wasteland without any capacity to support human survival.


Eastern Anatolia Region is located in the east part of Turkey. It is the largest region of Turkey occupying 21% of the total area of the country with its 163.000 kmĀ² of land.

Eastern Anatolia Tourism

The region has high potential for tourism in Turkey. The remarkable treasures of Eastern Anatolia offer visitors an undeniable, once-in-a-lifetime experience, where ancient structures of stone are juxtaposed against towering minarets and age-old steeples. This mingling of culture and faith amidst the bustle of a traditional way of life is an inspiration to inhabitants and visitors alike.


Eastern Anatolia has a harsh continental climate with long winters and short summers. During the winter, it is very cold and snowy, during summer the weather is cool in the highlands and warm in the lowlands.


Turkey's Eastern Anatolia region has 14 main cities for you to explore.

Agri, Turkey



City of Noah, is a crossroad of civilizations, a matrix of blended histories, cultures and tolerance.

Van, Turkey



Van is beautiful city with its lake like a sea, history like a legend and rare beauty.