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Sudusen Waterfall

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Sudusen Waterfall

Sudusen Waterfall is located in the south of Uvezpinar village. The waterfall and its environment provide unusual natural beauties for local and foreign visitors.

Sudusen Waterfall

Sudusen Waterfall is situated to the south of Uvezpinar village in Yalova province of Turkey, provides unusual natural beauties for visitors.

The waterfall is near the thermal springs, accessed by a relaxing hiking through Uvezpinar village and suitable for eco tourism.

Sudusen Waterfall, which flows with great speed from the rocks, admires the visitors. This uniquely beautiful waterfall and natural surroundings are 8 km away from the Uvezpinar village.

Geographical Information

Country: Turkey
Region: Marmara
Province: Yalova
Village: Uvezpinar

What to Do

The route leading to the waterfall is a perfect track for trekking and is a widely popular choice with both foreign and local tourists during the summer.

Along this route there are unique views of a dam lake, sea and natural surrounds which are perfect for photo safaris, nature walks and picnics.

Sudusen Waterfall, Turkey

Sudusen Waterfall, Yalova