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Sutuven Waterfall

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Sutuven Hasanboguldu Waterfall

Sutuven Waterfall is located in Zeytinli village near Edremit town in Balikesir province of Turkey. Kaz Mountains National Park is a natural phenomenon in the other.

Sutuven Waterfall

Kaz Mountains lie through the Edremit Gulf. Sutuven Waterfall is located at Zeytinli village which is situated at shores acrooss the sea.

You can follow the road from Canakkale to Altinoluk then Zeytinli turn off. From the city center you can find easily the waterfall with the aid of Sutuven signs.

Hasanboguldu Lake is next to the waterfall. The waterfall under protection runs through the valley covered with pine trees. On the road you can meet village people selling honey and olive oil. As you get closer to the waterfall the panaroma is getting better.

It takes 20 minutes to come at Sutuven Waterfall from Zeytinli. The noise of the waterwall takes you next to the waterfall. Foaming, pouring water 17 m high, covered with pine forests and cool in the valley. There you can find a view which reflects the name Sutuven the water who jumps.

Geographical Information

Country: Turkey
Region: Marmara
Province: Balikesir
Town: Edremit

What to Do

This is a very nice picnic area with its lush nature, springs, small ponds and the waterfall. Also, it is very pleasant to walk in nature.

Sutuven Waterfall, Turkey

Sutuven Waterfall, Edremit, Balikesir