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Turkey is one of the leading tourism destinations in the world with its stunning scenery and rich historic legacy. Explore Turkey's most popular holiday destinations, beautiful coastline, spectacular icons, exciting events and cultural festivals. Plan your holiday to Turkey with great deals on accommodation, travel advices and a variety of things to do and see. Turkey, what a beautiful country; fun, joy, happiness and neverending journey.

5 Oldest Monumental Trees in Turkey

5 Oldest Monumental Trees in Turkey

Nature Reserve

Turkey's Most Majestic Trees

Trees attract our attention with their physical dimensions, visual privileges and cultural values. Some trees living in the highlands of Turkey appears to be more than 1500 years old, making them the oldest known living trees in Europe.

5 Oldest Trees in Turkey
Kapidag Peninsula, Balikesir

Kapidag Peninsula

Nature Attraction

A Corner from Paradise

Kapidag, located within the borders of Balikesir province of Turkey, is a peninsula in shape of triangle having average 300 square kilometres space in middle of south coast of Marmara Sea. It is famous for its nature, olive oil and chestnut.

Kapidag Peninsula
Ayran, Turkey's Favourite Summer Drink

Ayran, Turkey's Summer Drink

Cold Drink

Ayran, Turkish Yoghurt Drink

Ayran is one of the most beautiful accompanying drink of Turkish foods, is basically made from yoghurt, water and salt. Ayran is a favorite refreshing drink by itself especially during the summer months. Have you tasted it before?

Turkish Favourite Summer Drink
Adventure & Active Holiday Ideass in Mugla

Adventure & Outdoor in Mugla

Active Holiday

Mugla Active Holidays

An activity holiday is perfect for groups of family and friends. The geographical features make Mugla a wonderful destination for outdoor activities in Turkey and attracts tourists from all over the world.

Outdoor Activities in Mugla
Culture and Art Festivals in Istanbul

Culture and Art Festivals

Event Festival

Istanbul's Culture Festivals

Culture and art festivals that take place through the year turn Istanbul into a world metropolis. From cinema to performing arts, Istanbul is a city of cultural festivals, come and enjoy the international events and art festivals.

Culture Festivals in Istanbul

Travel Stories of This Week

We share some of the sensational pictures, nice travel stories, events and thoughts every week. Not only beautiful but also unique, not only sights but unforgettable experiences. Be inspired by the stories posted by travel writers enjoying a Turkish holiday experience. This is what vacation in Turkey is. Be our guest. Let's explore Turkey together.

Autumn Season in Turkey

Autumn Season

Autumn Season

Autumn in Turkey

Autumn season (September, October, November) is very nice for visiting Turkey to experience discovering historical sites, comfortable temperatures, local life and unique nature.

Autumn in Turkey
Traditional Arts and Crafts in Turkey

Traditional Arts and Crafts

Culture Art

Turkish Arts and Crafts

Traditional arts and crafts have formed a rich mosaic with the cultural heritage of the different civilizations which were coming from the thousand years of history of the Anatolia. Here are the marvelous and extraordinary traditional Turkish handicrafts.

Turkish Arts and Crafts
Shopping in Turkey

Shopping in Turkey

Shopping Bag

Turkish Shopping Experiences

Turkey is a shopping paradise, from antique shops and chic designer boutiques to shopping malls, historical bazaars to local markets but you need to know some tricks of shopping.

Shopping in Turkey
Unesco List of Turkey

Unesco Turkey

Unesco List

Turkey's Unesco List

Discover Turkey's full Unesco list of creative, tentative, cultural and historical heritages as of 2019, raise awareness in transferring Turkish cultural heritage to future generations.

Unesco List of Turkey
Scuba Diving in Mugla

Scuba Diving in Mugla

Scuba Diving

Diving Experience in Mugla

Dive into the crystal clear waters of Mugla, and see the many different variety of the marine life. There is also time for swimming in crystal clear, calm and warm seas, relaxing, snorkeling, sunbathing.

Scuba Diving in Mugla
Lycian Way, Turkey's First Long Distance Trekking Route

Lycian Way, First Long Distance Trekking Route

Trekking Hiking

Lycian Way of Turkey

Lycian Way is the first long distance walking route in Turkey. The route is 509 km long and stretches from Fethiye to Antalya, around part of the coast of ancient Lycia. Lycian Way is listed as one of the world's top ten walks.

Lycian Way of Turkey
Explore the Beauty of Unye

Unye, Explore the Black Sea Beauty

Gobeklitepe: Zero Point in Time

In honour of the 12,000-year-old Neolithic era temple, 2019 was declared "The Year of Gobeklitepe" by the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism. Mysteries of Gobeklitepe. A marvel that tells us the secrets of early humans. About 7500 years before the Giza Pyramids, 7000 years before Stonehenge. Gobeklitepe was the birthplace of an ancient civilization of faith and mystery. Discover the world's first ever temple complex, a place that changes our understanding of early society. Discover Gobeklitepe in all its glory.

Great Holiday Ideas

So many words come to mind when you see the beauty of Turkey. We will be sharing the great ideas for your vacation such as Turkish cities, special destinations, geographical regions, travel experiences and news from around Turkey. Turkey offers nothing less than a good life with happy memories. Want some help with the enormous variety of destinations Turkey has to offer? Check out the following.

7 Most Charming Seaside Towns in Antalya

7 Charming Seaside Towns in Antalya

Sun Beach

Antalya's 7 Beautiful Coastal Towns

Antalya is full of beautiful seaside towns for the Mediterranean lovers. With dozens of beautiful towns such as Alanya, Kemer, Side, Belek, Finike, Kas and Kalkan, Antalya offers many unique experiences for a nice vacation.

Antalya's 7 Beautiful Coastal Towns
8 Lovely Towns on Turkey's Black Sea Coast

8 Lovely Towns on the Black Sea Coast

Sun Beach

8 Small Towns of Black Sea

With its mild climate and unique nature, plenty of visitors prefer the Black Sea for summer vacations. Lush green plateaus and dark blue sea are great for those who travel along the Black Sea coast of Turkey.

8 Coastal Towns in the Black Sea
10 Popular Summer Holiday Destinations in Izmir

10 Holiday Destinations in Izmir

Sun Beach

Izmir's 10 Popular Holiday Destinations

Izmir, one of Turkey's best tourist destinations, is famous with its beautiful holiday resorts. For those who want to swim, sunbathe and spend plenty of good time, we have listed the 10 popular summer holiday destinations around Izmir.

10 Holiday Destinations in Izmir
Round Trips and Tour Ideas

Round Trips in Turkey

Planning Holiday

Tour Ideas for Turkey

Turkey is a country of great variations and vast distances. If you want to see it all, the easiest way is to take a round trip. Find information on organised tours; self-touring, including bus, walking, rail and driving tours.

Round Trips in Turkey
Marinas and Ports in Turkey

Turkey's Marinas and Ports

Marina Port

Marinas and Ports

Turkey has large number of modern and well equipped international marinas, cruise ports and harbours along the coastline. The marinas and ports located along the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts have an important place in the Turkish tourism.

Turkey's Marinas and Ports