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Economy and Industry

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Istanbul's Economic Life

Istanbul is the center of Turkey's economic life because of its location as a junction of international land and sea trade routes, also Turkey's largest industrial center. Apart from being the former political capital of the country, Istanbul metro region is a mega city.

Economy of Istanbul

Istanbul is Turkey’s economical capital and the biggest industrial center. As the financial capital of the country, Istanbul's annual contribution to Turkey's GDP ($389.4 billion in 2013) is about 39%. Being the country's largest industrial center, approximately 35% of the country's industrial labor is employed in Istanbul.

Istanbul is also the most important export and import gate of Turkey. According to Turkey Statistical Institute's 2013 data, Istanbul has undertook the 47% of export and 54% of import of Turkey.

Industry of Istanbul

Istanbul is Turkey's largest industrial center. Istanbul and its vicinities have a diverse industrial economy, producing commodities as olive oil, tobacco, transport vehicles, electronics, cotton and silk. Also food processing, textile production, oil products, rubber, metal ware, leather, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, electronics, glass, machinery, automotive, transport vehicles, paper and paper products can be regarded as city's major industrial products.

Istanbul covers 35.1% of Turkey's service employment. Also Istanbul's annual house hold equivalent income rate is 7,639 US $ the highest in Turkey.

Istanbul is also an important center for international sea trades with its trade ports and location as a junction of international land.

Economy and Industry in Istanbul

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