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Facts and Figures about Istanbul

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Fast Facts about Istanbul

Istanbul is a giant city, home to one-fifth of Turkey's population. Practical guide, fast facts, general information and tips about Istanbul for travelers. Also discover Istanbul with numbers before.

Practical Info

Istanbul is a giant city, home to one-fifth of Turkey's population. The general opinion of people who have visited Turkey and Istanbul is that the people are very hospitable and tolerant. Indeed, it is an important part of the national culture to be considerate and polite toward guests, especially foreign guests.


With its natural, historical and social attractions, Istanbul is one of the main touristic place of Turkey. Istanbul is the second city with 12.5 million visitors.

Istanbul with Numbers

  • Istanbul is the world's first most popular congress city in 2011
  • Istanbul is one of the world's top 10 congress destinations
  • Istanbul has 78 public and private museums
  • You can feel 4 seasons in Istanbul
  • Istanbul has 8500 years of history
  • 12 million tulips planted in April
  • Istanbul has 39 districts administered by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality
  • 5 imperial palaces, dozens of summer palaces and mansions
  • Istanbul has 4 historic bazaars
  • Istanbul is the captial to 3 big empires
  • Istanbul was home to 12.5 million international visitors in 2015
  • Istanbul was the European Capital of Culture in 2010
  • Istanbul has 3 bridges between two continents
  • Istanbul is the largest populated city of Turkey with over 14.6 million habitants
  • Almost 112 modern shopping malls
  • Istanbul has 233 public and private hospitals
  • Istanbul has 53 universities and 5 technoparks
  • Istanbul has 2 international airports, 1 under construction
  • Istanbul is 5th most visited city in the world

Facts and Figures about Istanbul

Facts and Figures, Istanbul