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Modern and Traditional Clothing

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Turkey's Modern and Traditional Fashion

Turkish clothing is an important part of our rich culture. Find out more about the modern Turkish fashion, national costumes, typical village clothing, Turkish fashion designers, and international fashion fairs.

Traditional Clothing

Traditional clothing forms a part of Turkish traditional culture. In the past the Turks would weave their own clothing and make dyes from natural plant ingredients, in a way that reflected their feelings in the designs they created.

Today each region has its own characteristics in the way of clothing, headwear, scarves and socks, which have all, attractive interest and admiration.

Turkish National Costumes

Yasmak, Islak, Fes, Salvar, Yelek, Cepken, and Entari are some of the old national costumes in Turkey.

Modern Turkish Fashion

Modern Turkey has a little of everything. It is made up of bustling cosmopolitan centers, farming villages, beautiful Aegean, Mediterranean and Black Sea coastlines, and steep mountain regions. More than 70% of Turkish people lives in urban areas. Western lifestyles and traditional ways of life coexist.

Females are wearing short dresses, maxi style dresses, shorts, miniskirts, skirts, and many different types of trousers. Flip fops, sandals and flats are the preferred shoe styles.

Hats are worn for protection from the sun and the big bag is very popular because you can get tons of stuff in it like sunscreen and camera.

Stripes, prints, florals, and polka dots are all over the fashions and Turkish women love color, ruffles, and shine.

Modern and Traditional Clothing in Turkey

Fashion Week, Besiktas, Istanbul