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Turkish Denizli Rooster

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Turkey's Denizli Rooster

Turkish Denizli Rooster is very impressive, the symbol of Denizli province, well known all over Turkey. The roosters are famous of their very long crowing, some roosters fade and fall down while crowing.

Denizli Rooster

Turkish Denizli Rooster is a local breed which is well known by its colour, body shape, long and fine singings in the whole country. The rooster is quite different from other roosters of its breed due to its color, genetic constitution and resistance to disease.

Denizli Rooster's appearance is as follows; it has alive appearance, long legs, long and strong neck, deep chest and beautiful tail.

Denizli Roosters are classified according to their colours in six groups; grey, white, red, dark red, black and fur. There are three types according to the their body shape; high necked, pheasant and a dewlap.

Crowing Characteristics

Tenor, Bass and Davudi are known as the crowing types of the Denizli Rooster. The timing in crowing is important. Good crowing should start with a slow tempo, increase to a fast tempo, and then end with a slow tempo again. This is known as crowing quality.

Crowing quality is more important than the crowing period in a good Denizli Rooster. During a rooster's first year the crowing period is 20 seconds. In the second and third years, this period gets longer.

Animal Breed and Registration Committee

Each rooster crows at its own place, but Denizli Rooster crows everywhere. The famous Denizli Rooster has been registered in the Animal Breed and Registration Committee report, listed on the national registration list of Turkey.

Turkish Denizli Rooster

Famous Denizli Rooster, Turkey