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How can we help you?

How Can We Help You?

Every year millions of people visit Turkey and we welcome every one of you. Hopefully this website will answer your questions. If you haven't found what you were looking for please use the categories below.

Travel Agencies

Talk to the travel agency or company first. If the provider is a member of the TURSAB, you can further your complaint with the Association of Turkish Travel Agencies.


Talk to the accommodation provider first. If the provider is a member of an association (Ministry of Culture and Tourism or Hotel Association of Turkey), you can further your complaint with the association.


For all complaints, ticket changes, lost property and other enquiries, you need to contact related airport or airline.

Payment Disputes

Your financial institution (credit card company or bank) may be able to help dispute charges on your behalf.


All taxis in Turkey are required by law to have an on-board meter. Remember to note the license plate of taxi and notify the driver to start on-board meter. If you are mistreated by any taxi driver in Turkey, please don't hesitate to contact the police officer, traffic police or gendarme.

Communication Center

You may reach to Alo 176 Communication Center 24/7 through or mobile application and the number for outside of Turkey +90 312 1761122. The center is serving in Turkish, English, Russian and Arabic for all kinds information requests, complaints and the questions asked by tourists related our country. At the same time, Alo 176 Communication Center, aiming to prevent instant troubles experienced by local and foreign tourists coming to the area, aims to provide a quick response to those who want to know about the place where you are located.


For all applications, payments, periods of stay, types of visa and other enquiries, you need to contact Republic of Turkey Electronic Visa Application System.


If you wish to get in touch with GoTurkeyTourism, please send us an e-mail for any feedback.