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8 Lovely Towns in the Black Sea

Discover Black Sea, home of small coastal towns


8 Small Towns on Turkey's Black Sea Coast

With its mild climate and unique nature, plenty of visitors prefer the Black Sea for summer vacations. Lush green plateaus and dark blue sea are great for those who travel along the Black Sea coast of Turkey.

Black Sea Region

Black Sea region, which is one of the most ideal regions for holiday, attracts those who love to visit and discover the beautiful places with its lush green nature, deep blue sea and fresh air. It also includes many alternatives for all kinds of holiday conceptions. Thanks to domestic and foreign tourists, Black Sea region, which is becoming more popular every year, attracts attention of the holidaymakers with the increasing number of hotels and accommodation options.

For those who would like to prefer the Black Sea for a beach holiday, in this article we have compiled a list of the most popular small towns along Turkey's Black Sea coast.

Eastern Black Sea Coast

Unye: Unye is not just a stunning location, it is a capital of a cuisine all its own, with a hospitality and culture as welcoming as you will ever see. The charming little port of Unye is one of the nicest holiday towns on Turkey's Black Sea coast and justly boasts of its excellent beaches and camping facilities. Come to explore the Black Sea beauty of Unye.

Western Black Sea Coast

Amasra: Amasra is a cute seaside resort town with its timeless natural beauties, nice beaches, pleasant vistas, great fish restaurants, mesmerizing atmosphere and rich history. Located on two rocky promontories and surrounded by an impressive cliff lined coast, Amasra is one of the jewels of the Black Sea coast of Turkey.

Kerpe: Have you ever heard of Kerpe? Located on the Black Sea coast of Kocaeli province, Kerpe is a magnificent and special place with its unique beauties, rocky formations, scenic pine tree hills, dark blue sea, coves and beaches. The sea is very shallow and calm, so you will not have to deal with the great waves or dangerous undercurrents.

Akcakoca: Akcakoca is a cute little town in Duzce province of the Black Sea region. The town is an ideal place to start your journey of the Black Sea coast, with its foaming waves, centuries old plane trees, sandy beaches. For those looking for a quiet and peaceful alternative vacation spot, Akcakoca is the just place.

Sile: Sile is a small holiday and fishing town surrounded rocks on the Black Sea coast. Known for its sandy beaches and famous Sile fabrics, the town is not only a favourite holiday resort of those who wish to swim in the sea in summer months; it is also a destination in winter and spring months for walking tours.

Abana: The fishing town of Abana is a lovely resort town for local people. There are some fine sandy beaches near Ilisi and Haci Veli rocky places. The coastline of Abana is 11 km long, of which 7 km is a natural sandy beach, making the small town a popular summer resort for the region.

Inkumu: Inkumu is a unique tourism attraction on the Black Sea coast of Turkey. Seashore is 3 km length and full of green pine forests, sand and bright sea. This lovely town attracts more visitors because of its natural beauties, clean sea.

Gerze: With its blue sea, endless green and secret bays, Gerze is a small town in the Black Sea region where people take life slow and don't stress too much. The town is surrounded by parks and beaches.

8 Small Towns on the Black Sea Coast of Turkey

Kerpe Cliff, Kandira, Kocaeli