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Akyaka Town Guide

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Akyaka Town

Akyaka is Turkey's seaside secret, coastal township, famous for its authentic houses, unique holiday paradise in the Aegean province of Mugla, awaits visitors who want to spend a relaxing holiday, eating natural foods in a green environment.

Unique Holiday Paradise

Akyaka is a popular coastal resort with its natural beauty, historical background, exotic beach, crystalline sea water, green mountains, elegant private architecture and sustainable quality of life.

Akyaka is popular with local Turkish holidaymakers. Little more than a village, part of its charm comes from the distinctive local architecture, with octagonal shaped houses with intricately carved wooden ceilings, balconies and window frames.

History of Akyaka

The history of Akyaka goes back to ancient times. A Carian city by the name of Idyma was founded in antiquity in this region which was known as Opposite Rhodes, and the rock tombs at the entrance to Akyaka date to that period. The town of Akyaka was a small fishing village until the 1970s, discovered by artists from the big cities.

Things to See and Do

Slow city of Akyaka is a lovely small town surrounded by pine trees on the Gulf of Gokova. Its geographical location allows the town to offer opportunities to participate in many types of nature sports such as windsurfing, sea kayaking, biking, kitesurfing, rock climbing, sailing, paragliding, rafting, walking and riding.

Lying in the Azmak River Valley, Akyaka is surrounded by fragrant eucalyptus trees. The river winds down through fields to the seafront, where there is a small sandy beach and a number of beachfront restaurants.

There are also a number of excellent fish restaurants on the river, and a small village centre with more restaurants and a few shops.

Award Winnig Architecture

The houses of Ula, an old town near the provincial capital of Mugla, provided the inspiration for the architecture of Akyaka.

Here, each building is detached, and most were designed with lovely wooden balconies and overhanging roofs in a way that makes them look both modern and historic at the same time.

Akyaka Town, Turkey

Cinar Beach, Akyaka, Mugla