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Travel Guide to Balikesir

Welcome to Balikesir, which is called Ida in Homer's Iliad, is also a charming city that presents the best characteristics of Turkey's Marmara and Aegean regions. The city is located near mythological Kazdagi (Mount Ida). Balikesir is home to national parks, archaeological wonders, thermal waters, great Aegean cuisine, blue flag beaches, holiday resort towns, small islands and more, and you can experience them all in one fantastic vacation. We suggest you place Balikesir at the top of your holiday destinations list.

Things to See and Do in Balikesir

Things to See and Do

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Balikesir is a tourism paradise that can be experienced for 12 months with its activities, historical, cultural and natural beauties. Traditional dishes, ancient cities, holy sites, nice beaches and museums are waiting to be discovered.

Things to See and Do in Balikesir

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Nature, cuisine and history in harmony. Balikesir, a place where history and culture are combined with life. This coastal city, which includes 22 small islands, is a popular tourist destination.