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Burgazada Island of Istanbul

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Istanbul Burgazada Island

Burgazada Island is the third largest of the Princes' Islands near Istanbul. Sleepy, peaceful Burgazada is the ideal location to escape the noise and traffic for a just few hours or a full day trip.

Burgazada Island

Burgazada is to the west of Heybeliada and the second stop after Kinaliada. It is the third largest island of the Princes' Islands in Istanbul. Buyukada is calmer and more relaxed compared to Buyukada.

Burgazada Island is a preferred place for literary and art luminaries due to its unique location and magnificent natural scenery.


One of its most famous inhabitants was the Turkish writer Sait Faik. The mansion house in which the author died in 1954 serves today as the Museum of Sait Faik open to visitors. Opposite the museum is the Aghios Ioannes Church, which is believed to date from the Byzantine Period.

Things to Do and See

The most popular place in the island is the Bayrak Hill, which has a panoramic view. Like the other islands, Burgazada is secluded and was occupied in the past by ascetics and monks.

On the summit of Bayrak Hill is the ruin of Christos Monastery from the 9th century.

Burgazada Island has lots of facilities, are used as a resort by residents of Istanbul. The mosque right behind the square when you land at the pier, and the church located slightly further, give an idea regarding the island of Burgazada, famous with its Kalpazankaya site offers the best access to the sea on the far side of the island.

How to Get There

It is possible to access Burgazada with continuous trips on the ferryboats of the maritime operations from the Sirkeci coast of Istanbul to the Princes' Islands. Also Burgazada can be visited by a sea bus from Eminonu, Kabatas, Kadikoy, Bostanci.

Burgazada Island, Turkey

Burgazada Island, Istanbul