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Buyukada Island of Istanbul

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Istanbul Buyukada Island

Buyukada Island is the largest of the Princes' Islands, also the farthest from Istanbul, welcomes its visitors with a very enjoyable atmosphere, with its historical pier, large bazaar square and famous fish restaurants.

Buyukada Island

Buyukada is the most popular and largest island of Istanbul. Its beauty is striking once you disembark at the Buyukada Pier. The building shows features of late Ottoman architecture and its dome, arched facade decorated with tiles, and stained glass windows make it one of the finest examples of its kind.

On the main streets the mansion houses, which are currently used as bars or hotels, are adorned with flower gardens which have become symbols of Buyukada Island.

After leaving the pier building you follow the road straight to the clock tower located in a square which is surrounded with timber mansion houses and kiosks. You can take a horse and cart ride from here to your destination or hire a bike since there is no motor vehicle on the island.

Things to Do and See

Buyukada and love are inseparable, and on the Lovers Hill you will see many couples escaping from the city, walking hand in hand.

With its many remarkable features, the island is so rejuvenating. If you come on a day trip you can watch the best sunset of Buyukada at the pier or at Dilburnu during your last minutes on the island.

The city lights of Istanbul become clearly visible and the enchanting views capture your attention for hours.

It is known that some Byzantine emperors and empresses lived here in exile. Some of the historical buildings on Buyukada like the Women's Monastery Hagia Irene, Hagia Yorgi Monastery and Yucetepe Church, still retain their importance for the Orthodox community. Buyukada Island also has beautiful beaches.

How to Get There

It is possible to access Buyukada with continuous trips on the ferryboats of the maritime operations from the Sirkeci coast of Istanbul to the Princes' Islands. Also Buyukada can be visited by a sea bus from Eminonu, Kabatas, Kadikoy or Bostanci.

Buyukada Island, Turkey

Buyukada Island, Istanbul