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Cities in Turkey

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Guide to Turkish Cities

Turkey has 81 main cities for you to explore. From these you can plan your trip to iconic destinations. Every city has some unique characteristics, attractions and festivals. Turkey is a country of great diversity, in terms of both culture and economics. Big Turkish cities usually enjoy a more modern, western style culture and a wide array of economical options.

Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul City Guide

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Welcome to Istanbul, the city of the past, the present and the future. Istanbul not only joins continents, it also joins cultures and people. Close your eyes, imagine yourself in a city. Istanbul is one of the most visited and important places in the world.

City of Istanbul
Antalya, Turkey

Antalya City Guide

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Welcome to Antalya, the paradise on earth, the pearl city of the Mediterranean, and the Turkish Riviera. Within the wide boundaries of Antalya there is history, natural beauty and a rich variety of local life style to be discovered.

City of Antalya
Izmir, Turkey

Izmir City Guide

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Welcome to beautiful Izmir, the frontier and sunshine city of Turkey. Izmir, with its 8,500 years of history, is gloriously situated on the western edge of Turkey, the bountiful, the fruitful and the beautiful. Izmir offers visitors many options for a unique holiday.

City of Izmir
Ankara, Turkey

Ankara City Guide

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Ankara, the beating heart of Turkey which bears the footprints of many civilizations. Ankara is the capital of Turkey and itself a historic, beautiful city. From its surrounding lakes to chill atmosphere, Ankara is just there waiting to be discovered.

City of Ankara
Canakkale, Turkey

Canakkale City Guide

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Welcome to Canakkale, which holds a location of strategic importance, for its narrow join the shores of the Marmara and Aegean seas, therefore also joining Europe and Asia. The city of Canakkale is waiting for you.

City of Canakkale
Konya, Turkey

Konya City Guide

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Welcome to Konya, the city of hearts and spiritual whirling dervishes. Located right on the ancient Silk Road, Konya is one of the largest and finest cities among the worth visiting tourist destinations in our country.

City of Konya
Gaziantep, Turkey

Gaziantep City Guide

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Welcome to Gaziantep, the magical stop of historical Silk Road, the masterly spirit of Turkey. Gaziantep is the sixth largest Turkish city, one of the oldest settlements in Anatolia, located in Southeastern Anatolian region of Turkey.

City of Gaziantep
Mersin, Turkey

Mersin City Guide

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Welcome to Mersin, a sun kissed city, a rising star of the world tourism. Mersin is a large port city spreading out along the Eastern Mediterranean coast of Turkey with its long coastline, clean seawater, natural beauties, city marina, huge hotels and an opera house.

City of Mersin
Agri, Turkey


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City of Noah, is a crossroad of civilizations, a matrix of blended histories, cultures and tolerance.

Artvin, Turkey

Artvin City Guide

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Welcome to Artvin, which is one of the greenest cities in Turkey. Imagine endless, emerald green views, take in the fresh air and surrender to the natural beauties of Artvin. History, culture, and every shade of green you have ever known.

City of Artvin
Bursa, Turkey


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Bursa is like an open air museum, one of the capital cities of the Ottoman Empire, stands as a reflection of the early periods of the Ottoman culture.

Trabzon, Turkey


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Trabzon is a hub of the Black Sea Region, with a long history, rich culture and great natural beauty.

Amasya, Turkey

Amasya City Guide

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Welcome to Amasya, the city where history was written. Amasya is a typical Turkish city, like an outdoor museum with its history of 7500 years, natural, historical and cultural assets.

City of Amasya
Mardin, Turkey

Mardin City Guide

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Mardin is one of the oldest cities of upper Mesopotamia, located in Southeastern Anatolia region. Mardin, a timeless poetic city created by the delicate spirit of the mason's hands that give form to its stones.

City of Mardin
Rize, Turkey

Rize City Guide

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Welcome to Rize, the city is located in the eastern part of the Black Sea region of Turkey, famous with its tea gardens and endless lush green plateaus. Your journey in between green and echoes. Expect more, come find yours in Rize.

City of Rize
Van, Turkey


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Van is beautiful city with its lake like a sea, history like a legend and rare beauty.

Adana, Turkey


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Adana is a major modern city in the Mediterranean region of Turkey, situated on the Seyhan river.

Sanliurfa, Turkey

Sanliurfa City Guide

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Welcome to Sanliurfa, the city of prophets in Mesopotamia. Home to a number of cultures and civilizations during its long history, Sanliurfa enjoys an extremely rich cultural heritage.

City of Sanliurfa
Diyarbakir, Turkey


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Diyarbakir city goes back 7,500 years, lies Southeastern Anatolia of Turkey, north of Mesopotamia.

Edirne, Turkey

Edirne City Guide

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Welcome to the monumental city of Edirne, the city is located in Thrace part of the Marmara region of Turkey, also known as the happiness city. Check out this guide, so you can immerse yourself in what Edirne has to offer before you go.

City of Edirne
Balikesir, Turkey

Balikesir City Guide

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Welcome to Balikesir, which is called Ida in Homer's Iliad, is also a charming city that presents the best characteristics of Turkey's Marmara and Aegean regions. We suggest you place Balikesir at the top of your holiday destinations list.

City of Balikesir
Mugla, Turkey

Mugla City Guide

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Welcome to the city where the time stops. Mugla is a lovely city with its traditional old houses, narrow streets, fascinating natural beauty, surprising history, crystal clear bays and lively daily life, located in the Aegean region of Turkey.

City of Mugla
Kars, Turkey

Kars City Guide

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Welcome to Kars, which is one of the coldest cities in Turkey. If you are looking for an alternative holiday in the Eastern Anatolia region of Turkey, Kars is the perfect place for you with its ancient ruins and ski centers.

City of Kars
Aydin, Turkey

Aydin City Guide

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Aydin, located on the Menderes Basin of the Aegean region, is one of prominent tourism centres thanks to its museums, cultural and artistic activities as well as proper climate conditions, natural beauties and tourism facilities.

City of Aydin