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Cittaslow Akyaka

Discover Mugla, home of slow city Akyaka


Slow City Akyaka

Akyaka is one of the newest cittaslow members, also the best kept secret of Gokova Bay with its green mountains, crystalline sea water and elegant houses that preserve old Mugla architecture.


Akyaka in the Aegean province of Mugla was designated a slow city of Turkey by the Cittaslow International in 2010, and is a great destination for those seeking to enjoy a calm and relaxing holiday.

The town, declared as the Environmental Protection Area in 1988, deserves to be a slow city. If you come to Akyaka, get ready to see paradise. The town began to attract more attention from visitors after becoming a slow city in 2010.

Cittaslow Akyaka is the perfect place for those in search of complete peace. Here, there is no noise, no blasting music, and no irritatingly persistent vendors. A beautiful pine forest flows right down to a sandy beach, where the sea stays shallow for hundreds of meters. Nearby are the Gokova Plain and wetlands, where some of the last European fish otters live and where you can sometimes spot herons, flamingoes and pelicans.

Peaceful Town

Akyaka town is less than an hour drive from Marmaris but in character is worlds away. Slow city Akyaka is perfect for those who want to experience the real Turkey, away from the crowds.

A few miles outside the town, reached by road or sea is the attractive pebble beach of Cinar.

Charming Akyaka Houses

Akyaka almost on the shore is an authentic Aegean beauty with its red roofed wooden houses, flower gardens and motorized fishing boats. The charming houses of Akyaka that exist in harmony with nature are one of the most important features of Akyaka, which make feel yourself in the land of a fairy tale.

Akcapinar Beach

Akcapinar Beach near Akyaka, a slow city, is one of Anatolia's best spots for kite surfing. The water at this beach, where kite surfing buffs from around the world congregate, is shallow and the wind is high.

Slow City of Akyaka, Turkey

Azmak River, Akyaka, Mugla