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Cittaslow Goynuk

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Slow City Goynuk

Goynuk is a former Ottoman town with beautiful landscapes, unique stunning architecture, preserving its historical and cultural heritage, also member of the cittaslow network. Goynuk is truly one of the great places to visit in Turkey.


Goynuk is an idyllic Turkish town located in Bolu province of the Black Sea region of Turkey was designated a slow city by the Cittaslow International in 2017.

Goynuk has become a popular destination in recent years for travelers looking to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. With its delicious foods, local markets, handicrafts, traditional houses and the cobbled narrow streets, Goynuk invites you to enjoy your weekend break.

With early 20th century Ottoman period houses, as well as historic mosques, hammams, tombs, and fountains, Goynuk speaks of a past that goes back to the Ancient Romans as well as its time within the Ottoman Empire in the 14th century. While you are in Goynuk, don't forget to see the Gazi Suleyman Pasha Mosque and Hammam, also Aksemseddin Tomb.

Iconic Landmarks

The town's most iconic monument, the Victory Tower overlooks the idyllic town, while the Muderrisoglu Mansion in the city center remains one of the slow city's most important landmarks.

Cubuk Lake and Sunnet Lake, two lakes in Goynuk, offer perfect scenes to see natural beauties.

Houses of Goynuk

Goynuk is dotted with traditional Ottoman houses date back to early 20th century. The houses in Goynuk are generally two-storey over the ground floor. The living rooms in some of them have ceiling decorations. In front of the houses are courtyards. Nowadays, these houses under protection are undergoing restorations and converted to boutique guesthouses.

Goynuk Cuisine

Cittaslow Goynuk has an exquisite cuisine. Bombay Fasulye is the most delicious food in the town. You will not be able to stay away from the smell and flavour of the local foods during the holiday.

Slow City of Goynuk, Turkey

Cittaslow Goynuk, Bolu