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Cittaslow Persembe

Discover Turkey, home of slow city Persembe


Slow City Persembe

Persembe is a lovely cittaslow town on the Vona Peninsula of the Black Sea coast of Turkey. This fishing town is home to the Black Sea's first official slow city. Slow city of Persembe is the quiet home of energetic people. And this is the place for you.


Cittaslow Persembe is a small fishing town located in Ordu province and designated a slow city of Turkey by the international Cittaslow network in 2012.

You think that you have been pedalling along the vicious Black Sea coast for days. As the sun is rising, you are almost there, at slow city Persembe. Now is time to slown down.

You enjoy this journey more and more after each stop. As you arrive the core of city you know for sure this place is just for you. Within the city center you breath in clean air instead of exhaust smoke. You feel the smell of the sea and once again remember where you are. In this fishing town there is always people to cast on the coast. But you want to come back during winter for the real fishing season.

Slow Food

You can have chance to eat lots of fruits from the trees in August in Persembe. Two types of grapes, hazelnut and fig are some of the these delicious fruits. The hazelnut gardens taking place all around Persembe are the most significant source of income for years. Persembe is one of the best place for eating fish.

Kordon Hill

Don't miss to see Kordon Hill which hosts Persembe on its skirts. You feel the smell of the forets rather than the sea.

It is a great pleasure to see in the steep forest, especially if there is such a wonderfull waterfall at the end. The creeks running down between high hills add richness to the land.

Jason's Church

Jason's Church is your first stop before the city center. When you pedall all along the Black Sea maybe the first time you will be seeing a historical site right on the coast.

Sighting the shadow of history yet from the entrance is making all the distances you have travelled return to you in the form of energy. Well we guess you are not tired anymore.

Hoynat Island

As you enjoy the curvy road leading to slow city Persembe the next stop is Hoynat Island. In the old times, this place was used as a harbour. And today it still is but this time for the European Shag. It is the only place that they nest in all over Turkey.

Slow City of Persembe, Turkey

Cittaslow Persembe, Ordu