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Cittaslow Vize

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Slow City Vize

Vize is a cittaslow town of Kirklareli province in the Marmara Region of Turkey, small but full of natural and cultural treasures, attracts attention from local and foreign visitors.

Slow Town

The town of Vize in Kirklareli province designated a slow city of Turkey by the international Cittaslow network in 2012, and began to attract more and more visitors.

Vize, hosts many historical monuments from Thracian Kingdom to Ottoman Empire. This lovely town is exactly linden scented haven of peace. When you visit here do not forget to taste healthy local foods, organic products and traditional cuisine.

The world famous writer, Georgios Vizyenos said that "there are many towns in Thrace, but not like Vize".


Vize, located at between Istanbul and Edirne which are two former capitals, 138 km far away from from Istanbul, yet undiscovered region. Vize is a small town but famous with its natural and historical beauties, attracts attention from local and foreign visitors.

The ancient name is Byzia comes from the Thracian King, Byzas. In Greek mythology, the name Byzia, that means the fairy of natural resources. There are many ancient ruins in Vize that the capital of Thracian Kingdom. Forty Thracian tumulus is in the south of the town. Little Hagia Sophia, converted into Gazi Suleyman Pasha Mosque in the Ottoman period.

Natural and Cultural Treasures: Gazi Suleyman Pasha Mosque (Little Hagia Sophia), Serbetdar Hasan Bey Mosque, Vize Castle and Walls, Ancient Theater, Ferhat Bey Hammam, Ferhat Bey Fountain, Karakocak Hills and Asmakayalar Cave Monastery are historical treasures of Vize.

Cehennem Waterfalls, Ciftekaynaklar, Kiyikoy Village and Yenesu Cave are some of the most beautiful natural beauties in Vize.

Slow City of Vize, Turkey

Cittaslow Vize, Kirklareli