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Cittaslow Yalvac

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Slow City Yalvac

Yalvac is a cittaslow town, which offers you a chance to relax in a serene atmosphere with its history, traditional culture, festivals, local markets and foods. This is a slow town that people live in peace and happiness.


The town of Yalvac in Isparta province designated a slow city of Turkey by the international Cittaslow network in 2012. Yalvac is situated in the Mediterranean Region, northeast of the city of Isparta, known as a town which efforts to introduce its the historical and cultural values ​​to new generations.

Slow city Yalvac has an ecosystem that is quite suitable for production of apples. A significant portion of the farm families work in apple production. The majority of the apple gardens are small sized family establishments of 50-1000 trees.

Traditional Culture

Cuisine: Yalvac culinary culture takes its source from the historical past and the natural structure. Do not come back without tasting the traditional foods of Yalvac such as Keskek, Hamursuz and Borani. A splendid version of Gullac is also made here.

Festivals: Experince the culture and art festival is organized in the slow city of Yalvac in May. Try the local markets to buy organic foods making an effort to understand the lovely accent of the villagers.

Traditions: Yalvac is still home to traditional old handicrafts such as leather work, felting, metal work and horse drawn carriage work. You can purchase leather stuff from Yalvac as well.

Also, Traditional weddings in Yalvac are among the most beautiful ceremonies in Anatoila.

Slow City of Yalvac, Turkey

Cittaslow Yalvac, Isparta