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Cittaslow Yenipazar

Discover Turkey, home of slow city Yenipazar


Slow City Yenipazar

Yenipazar is known for being slow city, on the southern banks of Great Menderes River. Also cittaslow Yenipazar is the smallest town, located at 41 km east of Aydin province in the Aegean region of Turkey.


Yenipazar town is designated a slow city of Turkey by the international Cittaslow network in 2011. Following traces of the snail you are in Yenipazar.

Yenipazar itself is a quiet rural town providing high schools and other facilities to the surrounding district. The local cuisine includes a delicious flat bread pizza.

Culture and Food

Yenipazar people succeeded to keep their culture alive through this traditional local dance. The culture in Yenipazar is not alive only for the tourists. Culture is living right within the people naturally in their daily lives.

Walking through the town of Yenipazar, you can see where and how the vegetables planted from local seeds grow. In Yenipazar, you can see who is cooking what you eat, and which ingredients are being used. You chat with them and ask the questions in your mind.

Yoruk Ali Efe House

Yoruk Ali Efe House shows up at the end of a peaceful street. It is a significant place both for people and the town. The local dances are being performed with such a spirit that the Efe tradition gets perceived by everyone right away.

Local Bazaar

Walking through the local bazaar, you realize that the locals present their culture in many different ways. Every product at the bazaar has a touch of people connected to Yenipazar. The local food you taste at each corner, the handicrafts at the bazaar, the healty and natural products that the locals produce not exceeding purchasing power of consumers.

All these exist first for the locals. And this spontaneity is felt at every corner of slow city Yenipazar.

Ancient Ruins

The ruins of the ancient city of Orthosia can be visited in the district. The remains of the Orthosia ancient city has a long history. There is a ruins of bath on the way to the village of Alhan.

Slow City of Yenipazar, Turkey

Cittaslow Yenipazar, Aydin