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Coastal Resort Towns of Turkey

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Turkey's Seaside Towns

Turkey's seaside towns are some of the most beautiful in the world. Various tones of cool turquoise, silky sand, golden sun, peaceful atmosphere and lively nightlife, beach resorts of Turkey offer more than you can imagine. The most popular seaside resort towns in Turkey are Bodrum, Marmaris, Alanya, Kemer, Kas, Side, Belek, Ayvalik, Cesme, Kusadasi and Fethiye.


Mediterranean Coastal Resorts

With its crystal clear sea, Mediterranean is one of the most famous coastal areas in Turkey. You will find a whole range of different seaside destinations where you can enjoy them all along the Mediterranean coast of Turkey, including everything from large holiday resorts to enchanting beach resort towns, world class golf resorts or lovely seaside towns.

Alanya Town, Turkey


Sun Beach

Alanya Town

Alanya, one of the most beautiful coasts of Mediterranean, is being a tourist paradise and center of attraction for international and domestic tourists along the year with kilometers long sand beaches and historical beauties.

Alanya Resort Town
Belek Town, Turkey


Sun Beach

Belek Town

Belek is a Mediterranean fairy tale. With beauty reflected in the pristine turquoise waters, Belek is mysterious because it hides a treasure of history inside. A heartbeat of magnificent nature, leaving its mark in the Mediterranean region.

Belek Resort Town
Side Town, Turkey


Sun Beach

Side Town

Side is just a like paradise on earth with its natural beauty. Side accommodates numerous tourists every year with its historical beauties and ultra modern facilities.

Side Resort Town
Kemer Town, Turkey


Sun Beach

Kemer Town

Kemer is among the significant tourism centers of Turkey with its nature, historical beauties and tourism sites. Kemer, where green and blue are met with a most beautiful style.

Kemer Resort Town
Kas Town, Turkey


Sun Beach

Kas Town

Kas, a land of wonders, a town established on the Antiphellos Ancient City in the shadows of Taurus mountains. Whatever you touch, become alive in this place. Here, Kas is such a place.

Kas Resort Town
Kalkan Town, Turkey


Sun Beach

Kalkan Town

Kalkan is a town on the Turkish Mediterranean coast, and an important holiday spot for upmarket couples seeking a taste of authentic Turkey, one of the most sophisticated resorts.

Kalkan Resort Town


South Aegean Coastal Resorts

Every natural tone of green and more. South Aegean is one the most visited and most developed coastal areas in Turkey. The coastal area is home to some of Turkey's most captivating resort towns, from luxury holiday resorts to gorgeous white sandy beaches or romantic coastal towns.

Gocek Town, Turkey


Sun Beach

Gocek Town

Gocek is popular with yachting types who come here for its excellent marina. It is a charming resort with the sophisticated hotels, upmarket seafront restaurants, lovely boutiques and shops.

Gocek Resort Town
Kusadasi Town, Turkey


Sun Beach

Kusadasi Town

Kusadasi or Bird Island, is the popular resort town where you can rest awhile by the beautiful turquoise waters of the Aegean.

Kusadasi Resort Town
Marmaris Town, Turkey


Sun Beach

Marmaris Town

Marmaris is a favourite holiday destination, tourism paradise set in a deep fjord like inlet where the pine forest come right down to the shoreline of the beautiful bay.

Marmaris Resort Town
Fethiye Town, Turkey


Sun Beach

Fethiye Town

Most attractive ways of Fethiye in terms of tourism are Oludeniz and also its natural structure. The town is accepted as one of the holiday paradises of Turkey.

Fethiye Resort Town
Bodrum Town, Turkey


Sun Beach

Bodrum Town

Bodrum is the lively and popular seaside resort town, known in ancient times as Halicarnassus, dominated by a castle built by the Knights of Rhodes.

Bodrum Resort Town
Datca Town, Turkey


Sun Beach

Datca Town

Datca, where the Aegean meets the Mediterranean, is preferred spot for those who want to get away from crowds, one of the most beautiful resort towns.

Datca Resort Town
Didim Town, Turkey


Sun Beach

Didim Town

Didim is one of Turkey's prime holiday destinations. The town has a rich cultural heritage, fascinating ancient cities, gorgeous golden beaches, coves, each one wonder of nature.

Didim Resort Town
Dalyan Town, Turkey


Sun Beach

Dalyan Town

Dalyan is a relaxed and unspoilt nature paradise, surrounded by green valleys and breathtaking mountains, situated on the southwest coast of Turkey.

Dalyan Resort Town
Akyaka Town, Turkey


Sun Beach

Akyaka Town

Akyaka is a coastal township, famous for its authentic houses, unique holiday paradise, awaits visitors who want to spend a relaxing holiday.

Akyaka Resort Town

North Aegean Coastal Resorts

An unforgettable lovely atmosphere, friendly people and local architecture. There are lots of extraordinary attractions are waiting to be discovered along the North Aegean coast of Turkey, from sandy beaches aplenty to innumerable coastal towns, lovely islands or small fishing villages.

Alacati Town, Turkey


Sun Beach

Alacati Town

Alacati is a lovely Aegean town with cobble stone roads, centuries old windmills and orchards of gum trees, one of the most famous locations of the world for windsurfing.

Alacati Resort Town
Foca Town, Turkey


Sun Beach

Foca Town

Foca, about 70 km northwest of Izmir, is considered a natural heaven, another coastal town which attracts thousands every summer with its sun, sea and sand.

Foca Resort Town
Assos Town, Turkey


Sun Beach

Assos Town

Ancient port of Assos welcomes you with its old stone houses and small lovely harbour. You will love its cosy atmosphere. Assos is just one reason from millions to visit Turkey.

Assos Resort Town
Ayvalik Town, Turkey


Sun Beach

Ayvalik Town

Ayvalik is ready to share its age old traditions and vibrant cultural present with you. The town is a truly special and tranquil holiday destination.

Ayvalik Resort Town
Cesme Town, Turkey


Sun Beach

Cesme Town

Cesme, being one of the popular tourist destinations in the Aegean region, welcomes thousands of tourists for its natural beauty and tourism potential in summer months.

Cesme Resort Town

Black Sea Coastal Resorts

Black Sea coast is a world apart from the rest of Turkey, with the beautiful towns, small villages and green nature. The most famous resort towns are; Amasra and Akcakoca.

Amasra Town, Turkey


Sun Beach

Amasra Town

Amasra is one of the most beautiful towns on the Black Sea coast, Bartin's most popular destination, keeps charming crowds of domestic and international tourists.

Amasra Resort Town
Akcakoca Town, Turkey


Sun Beach

Akcakoca Town

Akacakoca is a popular holiday resort on the Black Sea coast of Turkey, famous with its clean beautiful beaches, green nature, comfortable guest houses and hotels.

Akcakoca Resort Town