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Cunda Island

Discover Balikesir, home of Alibey Island


Cunda (Alibey) Island

Cunda Island, also known as Alibey Island is a typical Aegean resort town near Balikesir province, one of the most beautiful islands in Turkey. Cunda Island is waiting for visitors to fascinate with its spirit reflecting the common culture of Aegean.

Cunda Island

Cunda Island is at only 15 minutes distance by boat from Ayvalik coast. The bridge connection has transformed the island into a peninsula. Cunda is encircled by a natural beach and all along the shore there are lots of restaurants both large and small serving up fresh fish.

Cunda (Alibey) is a beautiful Turkish island, a place where the endless blue and eternity of the sea covers the visitors as they do the island, where the calm green of pine and olive trees encircles the callers.

The island is also covered in olive groves. When you go to the Aegean to pick olives, you will be harvesting some of the best olives in the world.

Cunda Island, surrounded by neoclassical buildings is an unforgettable holiday resort or those looking for a peaceful holiday in nature. Back streets of Cunda are full of crumbling Ottoman Greek Houses, which cluster around the remains of huge Taksiyarhis Church. When you explore Cunda Island, you will feel as if you are travelling back in time for more than 100 years.

Things to See and Do

Cunda Island has lots of historical places such as churches, monasteries and mosques. The island is surrounded with pine and olive trees.

Neoclassical Buildings: It is a colorful island with its Taksiyarhis Church, Ayisigi Monastery, Ottoman Greek Houses, Patrice Village, Melek Hill, Ortunc Bay, breakwater and boat construction workshops.

Tas Kahve: The most lively area of the island is its coast. The waterfront is lined with restaurants, bars and cafes, including the lovely Tas Kahve, a high ceilinged space where the old men of the village gather to sip Turkish tea beneath the nest of swallows who prefer an indoor home the the great outdoors. You can taste the delicious fish, seafood, local appetizers and starters cooked in olive oil.

How to Get There

Cunda Island is connected to Ayvalik resort town via a narrow causeway. You can get there by bus, by boat or by walk 8 km before lunch or dinner.

It is possible use the bridge, which is the first and currently the oldest surviving bridge in Turkey that connects lands seperated by a strait, but sailing on the peaceful silence of sea feels better.

Cunda Island, Turkey

Seytan Sofrasi, Ayvalik, Balikesir