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Eskisehir City Guide

Discover Eskisehir, home of Porsuk River and meerschaum


Travel Guide to Eskisehir

Welcome to Eskisehir, a modern, educational, cultural and industrial city. Located on the banks of Porsuk River in the Central Anatolia region of Turkey, Eskisehir is one of the most important destination of Turkey as tourism, social and economical, because of its geographical location as an intersection of important routes. This cultural capital of Turkey stands out with its cuisine, hot springs, mosques, mausoleums, museums and hand carved meerschaums. Come and explore the beauty of contemporary city of Eskisehir.

Things to See and Do in Eskisehir

Things to See and Do

Things Do See

What to See and Do

Discover the best top things to see and do in Eskisehir including museums, spiritual values, historical artifacts, handicrafts, green area and parks, underground treasures, thermal springs, Porsuk and vicinity, daily life.

Things to See and Do in Eskisehir

Discover Eskisehir

Eskisehir can be described in a few words; art, quiet, peaceful, happy. Also, Eskisehir's canals and stunning bridges only make for the backdrop of this colourful Turkish city. Check it out in all its glory.