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Foca Islands

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Izmir's Foca Islands

Foca Islands is the common name for a group of six uninhabited islands in front of the beautiful Foca coastal town; Orak Island, Incir Island, Kartdere Island, Fener Island, Hayirsiz Island and Metalik Island.

Islands of Foca

Foca Islands is an island group in the Bay of Izmir in Turkey, outside the beautiful resort town of Foca.

Foca Islands are composed of six uninhabited small islands. The largest island is Orak. The island group also includes Fener Island, Incir Island, Kartdere Island, Hayirsiz Island and Metalik Island.

Izmir's Small Islands

Orak Island, Hayirsiz Island, Kartdere Island: These islands are worth of seeing with their steep and sheer cliffs reaching 80 meters height. There is a long scrubby beach in the southern part of Orak Island.

Incir Island: Especially local people and tourists, because of its favourable picnic spots and beaches in particular visit Incir Island.

The lovely islands of Foca and surrounding small bays are home to one of the last remaining colonies of Mediterranean seals in Turkey.

These islands are where you discover silence and the deepest of blues.

Foca Islands, Turkey

Foca Islands, Izmir