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Gokceada Island

Discover Canakkale, home of Imbros Island


Gokceada (Imbros) Island

Gokceada is famous with its own specific geographical conditions and protected, untouched natural resources, located at the northwest of Aegean. Gokceada is the largest island of Turkey, referred as the island of the Poseidonin Homer's epic the Iliad.

Gokceada Island

Gokceada Island, which is located near Canakkale in the northwestern area of the Aegean Sea, ranks as the largest in terms of land of all of Turkey's islands.

Its unpolluted waters and virgin lands attract both domestic and foreign tourists. Among the pine trees of various tons of green and the dense olive groves are nestled sacred springs and monasteries. The picturesque island of Gokceada is the biggest island in Turkey and is best explored by car.

There hasn't been too much information related to its Archaic Age of the island which its old name was Imbros. The fact that is known the Pelasgians were the oldest residents of the island.

Gokceada's Villages

Zeytinli Village is under the protection. Tepekoy is located as the highest settlement of the island is under the protection, too. Derekoy is one of the oldest villagers which are under the protection. Marmaros Waterfall is here.

Aydinli Beach is located in the Eselek Village, and it is good for windsurfing. The Salt Lake is found here where people take mudbath. Ugurlu Village, Gizli Liman, Inceburun and Sirinkoy are worth seeing.

Things to See and Do

Merkez Mosque and Fatih Mosque are located in Yenimahalle.

Historical Places: The old Bademli Village is under the protection. In the village, historical laundry and the buildings of primary schools are worth seeing. The Roman Stone Burial Place which is gone on archeological excavations in the New Bademli Hoyuk and Kokina regions is also worth seeing ruins.

Most of the restaurants and hotels are in the Asagi Kalekoy. Yukari Kalekoy was established above foothill of the ruins old fortress.

Culinary Culture: The meal which is called Cullama in Turkish is made with island wines, local herbs such as raziyane and nettle in the region. The island is famous with Sakizli Muhallebi and Dibek Coffee.

Underwater National Park: The only underwater national park of Turkey has interesting stone formation which is located the region between Yildizkoy and Yelkenkaya. It is declared as the Underwater National Park.

How to Get There

Scheduled car ferries carry passengers to Gokceada from Canakkale and Kabatepe Port in Gelibolu Peninsula every day. The boats dock in Kalekoy Port; Cinarli, the center of the island, is 5 km away by minibus. The island is also accessed with ferries sailing from Eceabat.

Gokceada Island, Turkey

Derekoy, Gokceada Island, Canakkale