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Heybeliada Island of Istanbul

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Istanbul Heybeliada Island

Heybeliada Island is the second largest and the most green of the Princes' Islands in Istanbul both from the view point of its population and its surface area. As on all the islands, you can hire bikes to travel around or take a horse drawn carriage.

Heybeliada Island

Heybeliada is the third stop for ferries coming from Istanbul, and the second largest island of the Princes' Islands near Istanbul.

Heybeliada has more greenery than the other islands, and all areas excluding the settlements are forests. That is why it is the preferred spot for picnicking. The most favoured spot is the Degirmenburnu, which is frequented place by picknickers.

Enjoy the beautiful nature, restaurants by the seaside, and picnic areas. Heybeliada's beaches are quieter than those of the other islands.

During the summer, Heybeliada Island becomes lively with its summer home vacationists and touristic visitors. Tourist activities include horse drawn carriages and donkeys on the island. Reminiscent of a modest town, it is possible to take horse drawn carriage tours at Heybeliada or you can hire bikes to travel around.

Things to Do and See

There are many historical houses that were preserved in their original condition in Heybeliada Island. Most of these are still inhabited. You can not help but admire the level of craftsmanship and the details of the wooden buildings.

Heybeliada Greek Orthodox School, Monk's School, Naval High School and Hagia Triada Monastery are the historical buildings in the island. On the highest point of the island is a monastery, Hagia Triada Monastery. Special permission is required to visit the inside, but if you climb the hill you can at least enjoy the view.

With three high points named Makarios Hill, Degirmen Hill and Tas Ocagi Hill, Heybeliada also possesses four ports with the military port. Bahriye Harbour, Mendirek Harbour, Degirmenburnu Bay and Cam Harbour. It is possible to swim in the sea at Degirmenburnu Bay and Cam Harbour.

How to Get There

It is possible to access Heybeliada with continuous trips on the ferryboats of the maritime operations from the Sirkeci coast of Istanbul to the Princes' Islands. Also Heybeliada can be visited by a sea bus from Eminonu, Kabatas, Kadikoy or Bostanci.

Heybeliada Island, Turkey

Heybeliada Island, Istanbul