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Kars City Guide

Discover Kars, home of winter tale


Travel Guide to Kars

Welcome to Kars, which is one of the coldest cities in Turkey. If you are looking for an alternative holiday on the Silk Road in the Eastern Anatolia region of Turkey, Kars is the perfect winter destination for you with its pastel coloured stone buildings dating from the 19th century Russia, impressive ancient ruins, natural beauties, ski centers, delicious cuisine and hospitable people. Come and enjoy the monumental structures, historical texture and the winter season covered with snow.

Things to See and Do in Kars

Things to See and Do

Things Do See

What to See and Do

Kars is the gateway of Anatolia to the Caucasus. There is an another world in and around Kars. Nothing seems familiar. You can see many historical monuments and natural beauties to visit in the city center and surrounding districts.

Things to See and Do in Kars

The Eastern Express

A visual feast from the middle to the east of Anatolia, Kars is the new route for travelers with the Eastern Express. The route which is passing through the heart of nature. You are invited to this adventure from Ankara to Kars with Turkish State Railways.