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Travel Guide to Konya

Welcome to Konya, the city of hearts and spiritual whirling dervishes. Known as Iconium during classical antiquity, this historical city was the Seljuk capital in the 12th and the 13th centuries. Konya, which is a major city in southwestern part of the Central Anatolia, is one of Turkey's oldest continuously inhabited cities. The city is not only impressive with its historical remains and traces left by the past but also with its natural beauties and cultural values. Located right on the ancient Silk Road, Konya is one of the largest and finest cities among the tourist destinations worth visiting in our country.

Things to See and Do in Konya

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Konya, a city of tolerance and civilizations, is one of the oldest settlements in the world. If you have decided to visit Konya, you should be prepared for an intense tour that will feed you culturally and historically and fascinate you with its natural beauties.

Things to See and Do in Konya

Discover Konya

Konya is famous as a city of notable Islamic scholars. Rumi is the best known of these, and he is known to have produced most of his works and spent most of his life in Konya. The historical, cultural, and natural richness of Konya turn this unique Turkish city into a popular tourist destination.