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Suluada Island

Discover Antalya, home of Suluada Island


Maldives of the Mediterranean, Suluada

Suluada, which is a tropical island where everyone wants to go, also is famous for its turquoise waters and white sands. The island, which is known as the Maldives of Antalya and the Mediterranean Sea, really looks like the Maldives with its natural beauty.

Suluada Island

Suluada, known as the Maldives of the Mediterranean in our country, is one of the most interesting and beautiful islands of Turkey. This is a paradise with its white sand and turquoise colour water. The island is located at the westernmost tip of the Gulf of Antalya, 15 km away from Adrasan, about 7 km from Cape Gelidonya.

Beauties of Suluada: The rock structure of Suluada contains calcium carbonate. The secret of white sand and tropical pool appearance here is the microorganisms that are living in the sand. The belief that the water on this island helps to reduce kidney stone is widespread among locals. With its two lovely beaches for swimming and increasing popularity day by day, doubtless you are all looking forward to discovering this beautiful uninhabited island near Antalya.

Getting to Suluada is a bit troublesome, but it is definitely worth to see the beauties you will witness upon your arrival.

10 Details You Should Know about Suluada

Although Suluada has always been a valuable area throughout history, it has become more prominent in recent times with its photographs shared on social media and showing its unique beauty.

Here are the 10 details about Suluada we want to share with you;

  • Suluada is a hidden paradise that is little known even by the native inhabitants of Antalya
  • The reason why Suluada is worth a visit is the colour of sea water and sand
  • Suluada, a region rich in biodiversity, is home to many living creatures
  • Throughout history, the water of Suluada was believed to be healing
  • There are two beautiful beaches to swim on the island
  • Because of there is no settlement on the island, so there is no electricity and water
  • Camping is forbidden on the island
  • Although Suluada is the favourite spot for holidaymakers, it is still one of the untouched areas of Antalya
  • According to academics, Suluada needs to be declared a private site
  • The island is only accessible by sea with boat tours, private yacht trips and fishing boats

Suluada Island, Turkey

Suluada Island, Adrasan, Antalya