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Thrace Region of Turkey

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Turkey's Thrace Region

Thrace, located on the west of Turkey, consists of the provinces which are Edirne, Kirklareli, Tekirdag. Thrace, with its lush vineyards and extended sunflower plantations is another place or great scenic beauty. Welcome to Thrace, what a great place.

Thrace Region

Thrace is one of the best places to visit in Turkey. The fact that a large part of the people of the region migrated from the Balkan countries and formed of people who settled in the region ensured that Thrace region is not only a physical, but cultural and social crossing point.

Of course, Thrace is beautiful, life is well and the people are very happy. The region has the sea ranking in top 3 in the world which can renew itself.

With its 8300 year history, Thrace region is the cradle of approximately 8000 thousand years civilazation beginnig from Thracian civilizations to East Rome, West Rome and the Ottoman Empire.

There are so many beautiful things in Thrace region. Two of the most important features of Thrace which seperates it from the other regions are its people and culture. The culture of here is based on thousand years.

Thrace Tourism

Thrace is an untouched region in terms of tourism potential. Tourism trend of the Thrace region is increasing. One of the reasons for it is that people want to face a different tourism concept rather than sun and sea.

You can go to a village, eat tomatoes, peppers, drink grape juice in the village and have conversation with the people living there. Maybe you want to dive in the sea and see around the forest, or want to do camping and see the social life of this region.

Thrace can give all these differences at once. It has started to become a destination for both Turkey and the world.

Thrace is inexpressible place. You can only live it by seeing and taking it into the memory. You absolutely need to travel to Thrace region.

Geography of Thrace

Thrace region is located on the west of Turkey, consists of the provinces which are Edirne, Kirklareli, Tekirdag. With its proximity to Istanbul, Europe and Balkans, Thrace is a region in Turkey with very high importance geopolitics.

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