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Traditional Small Towns

Discover Turkey, home of traditional towns


Turkish Traditional Towns

Turkey has a well established architectural background and traditional houses. This is a list of the most popular traditional Turkish towns which are famous with their traditional houses, local people and elegant architecture.

Turkish Authentic Towns

Turkey is one of the most extraordinary countries to visit. The country is full up with stunning natural beauty, well preserved architecture and friendly local culture.

If you would like to see the traditional small towns from different regions, Turkey is highly recommended country. Traditional Turkish towns are ready to embrace you. When you visit these towns you will feel like you have stepped back in time.

From lovely coastal towns to multicultural towns which are noted for their picturesque setting and extraordinary history, here is a selection of must visit destinations where you will discover a different side of this remarkable country.

18 Most Traditional Towns

A land of incredible natural beauty, fascinating history and colorful folklore, Turkey arguably has something for everyone.

Here we list the 18 unmissable and most authentic towns in Turkey;

  • Amasra Town, Bartin
  • Mudanya Town, Bursa
  • Goynuk Town, Bolu
  • Mudurnu Town, Bolu
  • Safranbolu Town, Karabuk
  • Beypazari Town, Ankara
  • Tarakli Town, Sakarya
  • Urgup Town, Cappadocia
  • Harran Town, Sanliurfa
  • Alacati Town, Izmir
  • Halfeti Town, Sanliurfa
  • Midyat Town, Mardin
  • Camlihemsin Town, Rize
  • Assos Town, Canakkale
  • Akyaka Town, Mugla
  • Cunda (Alibey) Island, Balikesir
  • Foca Town, Izmir
  • Ayvalik Town, Balikesir

Traditional Small Towns, Turkey

Goynuk Town, Bolu