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Where to Go in Antalya

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Great Places to Go in Antalya

Antalya is a typical Mediterranean city, which combines ancient cities whispering tales of history, myth and legend, emerald green forests and the sparkling waters of the Mediterranean. Antalya is the largest city on Turkey's Mediterranean coastline, classically beautiful and stylishly modern. This great city is full of places to go and world famous seaside towns to stay for local and international tourists.

7 Most Charming Seaside Towns in Antalya

7 Most Charming Seaside Towns of Antalya

Sun Beach

Antalya's 7 Beautiful Coastal Towns

Antalya is full of beautiful seaside towns for the Mediterranean lovers. With dozens of beautiful towns such as Alanya, Kemer, Side, Belek, Finike, Kas and Kalkan, Antalya offers many unique experiences for a nice vacation.

Antalya's 7 Beautiful Coastal Towns
Suluada Island, Antalya

Suluada Island

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Maldives of the Mediterranean

Suluada, which is a tropical island where everyone wants to go, also is famous for its turquoise waters and white sands. The island, which is known as the Maldives of Antalya and the Mediterranean Sea, really looks like the Maldives with its natural beauty.

Suluada Island


Seaside Resort Towns

With its perfect coastal towns, Antalya is recognized as one of the most popular destinations in Turkey and also the Mediterranean.

Alanya Town, Turkey


Sun Beach

Alanya Town

Alanya, one of the most beautiful coastal towns of Antalya, is being a tourist paradise and center of attraction for international and domestic tourists along the year with kilometers long sand beaches and historical beauties.

Alanya Resort Town
Belek Town, Turkey


Sun Beach

Belek Town

Belek is a fairy tale of Antalya. With beauty reflected in the pristine turquoise waters, Belek is mysterious because it hides a treasure of history inside. A heartbeat of magnificent nature, leaving its mark around Antalya.

Belek Resort Town
Side Town, Turkey


Sun Beach

Side Town

Side is just a like paradise on earth with its natural beauty. Side accommodates numerous tourists every year with its historical beauties and ultra modern facilities.

Side Resort Town
Kemer Town, Turkey


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Kemer Town

Kemer is among the significant tourism centers of Antalya with its nature, historical beauties and tourism sites. Kemer, where green and blue are met with a most beautiful style.

Kemer Resort Town
Kas Town, Turkey


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Kas Town

Kas, a land of wonders, a town established on the Antiphellos Ancient City in the shadows of Taurus mountains. Whatever you touch, become alive in this place. Here, Kas is such a place.

Kas Resort Town
Kalkan Town, Turkey


Sun Beach

Kalkan Town

Kalkan is a coastal town near Antalya province, and an important holiday spot for upmarket couples seeking a taste of authentic Turkey, one of the most sophisticated resorts.

Kalkan Resort Town