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Where to Go in the Black Sea

Discover Black Sea, home of lush green destinations


Great Places to Go in the Black Sea

The streams reaching to endlessness, lush green plateaus reaching to blue sky, and of course the secret journey to peace and adventure. A trip through the Black Sea landscape includes series of peaceful beaches along the seashore, quaint fishing villages, hidden coves, lovely small towns, boundless rolling highlands, fields of tea, hazelnut, tobacco and corn. It is time to explore the lush green places to go through the Black Sea region of Turkey.

8 Lovely Towns on Turkey's Black Sea Coast

8 Lovely Towns on the Black Sea Coast

Sun Beach

8 Small Towns in the Black Sea

With its mild climate and unique nature, plenty of visitors prefer the Black Sea for summer vacations. Lush green plateaus and dark blue sea are great for those who travel along the Black Sea coast of Turkey.

8 Coastal Towns in the Black Sea
Amasra, Bartin


Sun Beach

Amasra Town

Amasra is one of the most beautiful towns on the Black Sea coast, Bartin's most popular destination, keeps charming crowds of domestic and international tourists.

Amasra Resort Town
Black Sea Coast of Turkey

Black Sea Coast of Turkey

Sun Beach

Turkey's Black Sea Coast

Black Sea coast is famous with its green forests, traditional wooden houses, extraordinary plateaus, also untouched beautiful beaches. The air is mild and the sea flows milky white to deep turquoise and black under storm clouds.

Black Sea Coast of Turkey
Akcakoca Town, Antalya


Sun Beach

Akcakoca Town

Akacakoca is a popular holiday resort on the Black Sea coast of Turkey, famous with its clean beautiful beaches, green nature, comfortable guest houses and hotels.

Akcakoca Resort Town
Unye, Explore the Black Sea Beauty

Unye, Explore the Black Sea Beauty