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Where to Go in Izmir

Discover Izmir, home of holiday destinations


Great Places to Go in Izmir

Izmir, known as the pearl of the Aegean, lies on the west coast of Turkey, is more than welcoming with its Aegean ambience, beautiful nature, great marinas, lovely villages and small islands. There are a variety of destinations to go, many traditional districts and coastal towns to discover in and around Izmir province of Turkey.

4 Most Stunning Seaside Towns in Izmir

4 Most Stunning Seaside Towns in Izmir

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Izmir's 4 Most Charming Coastal Towns

Izmir is full of beautiful seaside towns for the Aegean lovers. The coastal towns of Cesme, Foca, Urla and Alacati will seduce you with their shining sun, bright blue seas, beaches, traditional characters and peaceful auras for a happy holiday.

4 Charming Seaside Towns in Izmir
10 Popular Summer Holiday Destinations in Izmir

10 Popular Summer Holiday Destinations

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Izmir's 10 Popular Holiday Destinations

Izmir, one of Turkey's best tourist destinations, is famous with its beautiful holiday resorts. For those who want to swim, sunbathe and spend plenty of good time, we have listed the 10 popular summer holiday destinations around Izmir.

10 Popular Holiday Destinations in Izmir

Seaside Resort Towns

If you want to spend your summer holiday on the coasts of the azure waters of the Aegean Sea while discovering the thousands of years of history, you don't need to get lost in maps, just go to Izmir's coastal towns and enjoy the best of Aegean.

Cesme Town, Izmir


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Cesme Town

Cesme, being one of the popular tourist destinations in the Aegean region, welcomes thousands of tourists for its natural beauty and tourism potential in summer months.

Cesme Resort Town
Slow City Seferihisar, Izmir

Seferihisar, Turkey's First Cittaslow

Slow City

Slow City Seferihisar

Seferihisar is the first cittaslow town of Turkey, located in Izmir province in the Aegean region. The town is surrounded by the historical treasures and green nature. Seferihisar makes you feel the Aegean spirit closer.

Cittaslow Seferihisar
Foca Town, Izmir


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Foca Town

Foca, about 70 km northwest of Izmir, is considered a natural heaven, another coastal town which attracts thousands every summer with its sun, sea and sand.

Foca Resort Town
Foca Islands in Izmir

Izmir's Foca Islands

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Foca Islands

Foca Islands is the common name for a group of six uninhabited islands in front of the beautiful Foca town; Orak Island, Incir Island, Kartdere Island, Fener Island, Hayirsiz Island, Metalik Island.

Foca Islands in Izmir
Alacati Town, Izmir


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Alacati Town

Alacati is a lovely Aegean town with cobble stone roads, centuries old windmills and orchards of gum trees, one of the most famous locations of the world for windsurfing.

Alacati Resort Town