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Where to Go in Sanliurfa

Discover Sanliurfa, home of history and water


Great Places to Go in Sanliurfa

Sanliurfa, which is one of the indispensable stops for travelers who explore the southeastern part of Turkey, is a city of interest especially with its legends. Sanliurfa, established in northern Mesopotamia, is among the world's oldest cities. It is also one of the first centers of culture and science. Sanliurfa is a wonderfully exotic city, with its fascinating places and beautifully landscaped center.

Halfeti, First Cittaslow of Southeastern Turkey

Halfeti, First Cittaslow of Southeastern

Slow City

Slow City Halfeti

Halfeti is known as a hidden paradise and the first cittaslow of the Southeastern Anatolia. With its unusual geography and culture, the area is becoming increasingly popular as a tourist destination.

Cittaslow Halfeti
Harran Town, Sanliurfa

Harran Town

Place Location

Harran Town

Harran, with its history dating back to 5000 years, is situated in the middle of a droughty and barren plain. With its characterisric beehive houses, citadel, city walls, various architectural remains and night sky full of bright stars, Harran is an interesting destination for tourists.

Harran Town