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Culture and Art Festivals

Discover Istanbul, home of culture art festivals


Istanbul's Culture and Art Festivals

Culture and art festivals that take place through the year turn Istanbul into a world metropolis. From cinema to performing arts, Istanbul is a city of cultural festivals, come and enjoy the international events and art festivals.

Istanbul for Art Seekers

Multilayered structure blending the past, present and the future in Istanbul transforms the whole city to one big center for different and various events from cinema to opera; traditional festivals to modern performing arts.

Art and culture are between the crucial elements of what makes a city valuable. The number of galleries, exhibitions, cultural events, the value given to an artist leverages the city's quality and respect. Istanbul's cultural diversity makes the city country's cultural and artistic capital.

Istanbul Culture and Art Foundation

Istanbul Culture and Art Foundation (IKSV) acts as one of the locomotives in organizing prominent film, theater festivals as well as two biennials and special one off cultural and artistic events throughout the year.

Top 6 Art and Culture Events

Istanbul Theatre Festival: Istanbul Theatre Festival, held during the months of May and June, hosts various Turkish groups as well as world renowned theatre companies. The festival brings a whole new dimension to the city.

Istanbul Opera Festival: Istanbul Opera Festival, integrates opera with the city's historical venues and urban locations.

Istanbul Film Festival: Istanbul Film Festival is one of the most prestigious film festivals in the world. Held every April, the festival features a thematically specialized international competition, provides a showcase for recent Turkish and world cinema and hosts famous filmmakers, actors and actresses from all around the world.

Filmekimi & If Istanbul: Filmekimi in October and If Istanbul in February, are the other two leading cinema festivals of the city, allow cinema lovers to enjoy a true film festival.

Istanbul Biennial Festival: Istanbul Biennial Festival is where the latest artistic trends go on show.

Istanbul'74 Istanbul'74 produces and hosts some of the most exciting art and culture events in the global calendar, including the annual Istanbul International Arts and Culture Festival.

Culture and Art Festivals in Istanbul

Istanbul International Arts and Culture Festival