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Events and Festivals

Discover Canakkale, home of events and festivals


Canakkale's Events and Festivals

Canakkale is honourable for hosting the festival lovers from Turkey and all over the world to celebrate some special days. Event calendar, concerts, exhibitions, interviews, international and local festivals in Canakkale.

The Best 5 Festivals in Canakkale

International Troy Festival: Every year, Canakkale hosts International Troy Festival starting on August 10 and lasting for a week with a rich content, featuring musical shows, plays, cultural events, panels and exhibitions.

18 March Canakkale Victory and Martyrs' Day: 18 March, which is known as Canakkale Victory and Martyrs' Day, a very special day in Turkey. Come and commemorate the heroes of Canakkale fighting against many challenges to protect the Motherland.

Canakkale Anzac Day: Anzac Day is held on 24-25 April in Canakkale. The city hosts visitors from Australia and New Zealand every year for commemoration ceremony for their losses at dawn.

Bozcaada Wine Festival: During the last 4 days of June each year, Bozcaada Wine Festival is hosting wine tours, professional tasting, wineries visits, vineyard trips and live music in the evenings.

Canakkale Gallipoli Marathon: Canakkale is inviting you for an amazing marathon experience in the unparalleled atmosphere of the historical Gallipoli Peninsula, one of the most important thematic tracks of the world.

Special Days and Festivals

Canakkale is home to various festivals, special days and celebrations with a very rich content annually. The events are held in the city centre and districts of Canakkale. People from all over the world are invited to these festivals.

Here is the list of some exciting festivals and events in Canakkale;

  • 18 March Canakkale Victory and Martyrs' Day
  • Canakkale Anzac Day
  • International Canakkale Troy Festival
  • International Gelibolu Sardine Festival
  • Ayazma Bayramic Troy Festival Beauty Contest
  • International Canakkale Film Festival
  • Lapseki Cherry Festival
  • Assos Zeus Culture and Art Festival
  • Bozcaada Vintage Festival
  • Gokceada Island Film Festival
  • Ayvacik International Culture and Arts Festival
  • Gulpinar Apollon Smintheon Festival
  • Assos Performance Arts Festival
  • Biga International Archery Festival
  • Ayazma Fair
  • Bozcaada Island Yacht Competitions
  • Canakkale Gallipoli Marathon
  • Gokceada Island Virgin Mary Festival
  • Hidirellez Spring Celebration

Events and Festivals in Canakkale

Hidirellez Spring Celebration, Canakkale