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Discover Rize and enjoy popular festivals

Rize's Most Popular Festivals

From the second week of June until the last week of August feasts take place through the participation of thousands of people in Rize plateaus. These local festivals bring together the people who live in Rize, also all over the world.

Carnivals to Celebrate

Rize celebrates many events and festivals throughout the year. These festivals which are held starting from June and increasing in number in August provide you an opportunity to enjoy all the qualities of our region.

Rize are home to 21 local and 2 international festivals during the long summer period, experiences a particular excitement at the time of the festivals. If you are in Rize during those days, the city would be very delighted to have and welcome you at the festivals filled with Kemence sounds and Horon circles.

International Festivals

International organisations are attractions for tourists who stay in the region during the festival period.

International festivals in Rize;

  • International Alpinism Festival
  • Firtina Rafting Festival

Local Festivals

Following is a guide to just some of the local festivals you can see in / around Rize. Festival dates may change according to weather conditions in the region.

Some of the most famous local festivals in Rize;

  • Rize Tea and Tourism Festival
  • Rize Summer Sports Festival
  • Camlihemsin Ayder Culture, Art and Nature Festival
  • Camlihemsin Ayder Snowman Festival
  • Buyuk Handuzu Plateau Festival
  • Ikizdere Ovit Plateaus Festival
  • Findikli Green, Gold, Silver and Sea Festival
  • Formulaz Wooden Car Festival
  • Ovit Snow and Swimming Festival
  • Ardesen, Kackar, Altiparmak, Sirt and Golezana Plateaus Festival
  • Cayeli Festival
  • Ardesen Yeniyol Culture Festival
  • Kalkandere Tourism and Friendship Festival
  • Ikizdere Wood Grouse Festival
  • Ikizdere Anzer Honey and Plateau Festival
  • Cagrankaya Plateau Festival
  • Tozkoy Likapa Festival
  • Demirkapi Plateau Festival
  • Ardesen Kucuk Plateau Culture Festival
  • Pazar Sports Festival
  • Dutge Plateau Migration Festival
Rize's Most Popular Festivals
Children in Traditional Costumes, Rize