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Sportive Events in Istanbul

Discover Istanbul, home of sportive events


Istanbul's Sportive Events

Istanbul is one of the world's most lively metropolises with its international sports competitions. Istanbul hosts various sportive events such as football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, athleticism, cycling, swimming, and extreme sports throughout the year.

Intercontinental Events

Istanbul hosts a wide range of sportive events including football matches, tennis cups, volleyball and basketball tournaments, billiard, baseball, hentball matches and swimming, golf contests.

Istanbul is not a city divided but rather spread over two continents. Moreover, it is not just the splendid view that the citizens benefit from; but also the activities and events that are held on the routes that include the two continents at the same time.

Among a number of intercontinental organizations, sportive events supported by worldwide known corporations take the lead. The athletes and sport lovers from all over the world, get together in Istanbul for intercontinental events.

Sportive Events

Bosphorus Cross Continental Swimming Race: Bosphorus Cross Continental is Istanbul's annual Asia to Europe swimming competition for everyone no matter if they are professional athletes or not. The festival goes beyond a competition and invites you to a festival, a jubilation, to sports and health.

Istanbul Marathon: Istanbul Marathon is the world's only cross continental marathon and truly unique event starting in the Asian part and crossing the Bosphorus to the European side of the city.

Extreme Sailing Series: Istanbul, an important sailing spot throughout all eras of history, hosts the Extreme Sailing Series. This very special event where 40 daring sailors compete alongside the beautiful Bosphorus.

Presidential Cycling Tour of Turkey: Unique intercontinental cycling tour of the world witnesses high level competition of world renowned athletes and teams in Turkey.

TEB BNP Paribas Istanbul: TEB BNP Paribas Istanbul is the greatest international tennis tournament of the year, takes place in Koza World of Sports every year.

Sportive Events in Istanbul

TEB BNP Paribas Cup, Istanbul