10 Best Street Foods to Taste

Discover Turkey and its street food culture

Turkish Street Food Culture

Turkey is full of street vendors selling all sorts of different snacks. In each city, there are many delicacies you can find while wandering around the streets. Here are 10 of Turkey's most popular and mouth watering street food choices to taste.

Doner Sandwich

Doner sandwich is the most well known street food in Turkey. Made by stuffing thin pieces of the meat into a fresh bread or lavash along with tomatoes, onions, peppers and yoghurt sauce.


Kokorec is skewers of spiced sheep's intestines stuffed into a half or a quarter of bread along with chopped tomatoes and green peppers. No wonder it is everyone's favourite food after a lively nightlife. One of Turkey's most popular street foods, kokorec will never disappoint you.

Midye (Stuffed Mussels)

One of the most popular street delicacies, Midye (known as stuffed mussels) can be found on almost every corner in the big cities and coastal holiday towns of Turkey. The mussles are stuffed with white rice and herbs, and with a few drops of lemon juice it is just ready for you to eat.

Simit (Bagel)

The most recognizable Turkish street food, simit is a kind of sesame bagel that you can find on almost every street corner in our country. Freshly baked, dipped in molasses and crusted with sesame seeds, they entice snackers from push-carts all over Turkey. Mostly eaten for breakfast, you can also eat it any time of the day, plain or with cheese.

Tavuklu Pilav

If you are in a hungry, a plate of chicken and rice can be a great option. A companion of classical Turkish cuisine, Tavuklu pilav (known as chicken with rice) can be found on every corner of the streets in Turkey. It is white rice with boiled chickpeas and chicken.

Kumpir (Baked Potatoes)

Kumpir, which is one of the most famous street foods in Turkey, is known as the baked potato. This super baked potato is just like a masterpiece. You can prefer filling from a mind boggling range of ingredients, including corn, pickled red cabbage, pickles, russ salad, yogurt, sausage and olives.

Balik Ekmek

Balik ekmek is a fresh fish sandwich which can be bought directly from the boats in the coastal cities of Turkey. The appealing smell of a fresh bread with grilled fish, fresh herbs and onions. Balik ekmek is a surely mouth watering taste coming from the sea.

Arnavut Ciger

A kind of liver food, Arnavut ciger is a cubes of liver fried with spices and onions, made by stuffing small pieces of the liver into a fresh bread. It is served with buttermilk and its taste is very good.


One of the most favourite delicacies of Turkish people, Borek is a traditional Ottoman dish filled with spinach, cheese, potatoes or meat. Borek is commonly eaten at breakfast, but you can also eat it any time of the day. A great accompaniment is a glass of buttermilk.


Steamed sweet corn or lightly grilled corn (misir) is a common snack in Turkey. You can flavour it with salt, pepper and other spices according to your preference. This simple but satisfying food can be found almost every city of Turkey.

Turkish Street Food Culture
Midye (Stuffed Mussels), Istanbul