11 Street Foods to Try in Istanbul

Discover Istanbul and its street food culture

Istanbul's Delicious Street Foods

Istanbul is probably the world's best known gourmet city with its legendary culinary culture. The city has fantastic hangouts selling tasty, cheap and healthy meals. We have listed 11 of Istanbul's strongest and most delicious street food choices for you.


Simit is a small ring-shaped bread covered with sesame seed. It is by far the most common and popular street food of Istanbul. People here mostly consume with cheese and a cup of Turkish tea. The yummy trio of simit, cheese and tea kind of tastes better if you are on a ferry ride on Bosphorus.


Kokorec is made with either lamb or goat intestines that are wrapped around seasoned offal. It is either served as a sandwich or on a plate with garnishes. It is a bit adventurous and experimental for many people, but after you taste it, you will not regret you tried it.

Fish & Bread

The fish & bread street dish is mostly found in Eminonu district. It is a freshly grilled fish fillet packed in half a loaf of white bread with plenty of onions, tomatoes, salad, herbs.

Meatballs in Bread

It is one of the most popular and beloved street foods of Istanbul and Turkey. Along with mixed seasoning, sliced tomatoes, green peppers and onions, this meatball sandwich will blow your mind.

Stuffed Mussels

Mussels filled with herbed rice, currants, pine nuts are another popular street food, and the vendor will continue handing you a new one with a spritz of lemon until you say stop.

Chicken & Rice

Chicken & Rice duo is sold anywhere and everywhere on the streets of Istanbul. It is simply butter rice with chickpeas topped with chicken breast. A lot of people also like to add ketchup and hot peppers to the dynamic duo.


This is a popular street food existing since the Ottoman era. Lokma, hoop desserts, are pastries made of leavened and deep fried dough, soaked in syrup or honey, sometimes coated with cinnamon or other ingredients.

Pickle Juice

A glass of pickle juice, either spicy or not, is famed as a quick, tasty and natural cure for even the fiercest of headaches. It is yummy and full of minerals.

Roasted Chestnuts

In the winter, roasted chestnuts are one of the most popular street foods and quite the delicious snack.


Baked potatoes filled with every single garnish imaginable is a great street food. Usually, people put black and green olives, mushrooms, sausages, pickles, corn, ketchup and some butter within. The most famous kumpir places are located at Ortakoy neighborhood.

Cig Kofte

Cig Kofte is a raw meatball dish in Turkish cuisine. It is traditionally made with either beef or lamb, but in Turkish restaurants and on streets only the vegetarian variety made with extra fine bulgur are served. It is sold in a lettuce leaf and it has to be spicy.

Istanbul's Delicious Street Foods
Turkish Lokma Dessert, Istanbul