7 Special Syrupy Turkish Desserts

Discover Turkey and delicious sugary desserts

Turkey's 7 Delicious Sugary Desserts

Turkish cuisine has a wide range of delicious sugary desserts including baklava, kunefe, ekmek kadayif, lokma, revani, tulumba and sekerpare, often flavoured with pistachios and other nuts. Here is the list of 7 most special syrupy desserts to try in Turkey.


A world famous Turkish dessert, baklava is at the top of the list of traditional syrupy desserts you have to taste. It is extremely delicious, traditional and authentic dessert. This crispy dessert is sweetened with light syrup made from sugar, water and lemon juice to make it deliciously light. You can try your baklava with pistachios, walnuts, hazelnuts or heavy cream. You can eat the most delicious baklava of the world in Gaziantep.


Kunefe (sweet cheese pastry), which is an essential dessert in Hatay, is one of the most delicious local desserts to taste in Turkey. This legendary dessert is something like Hatay's 40th symphony. It is made by cooking shredded dough with the indigenous salt free cheese slowly in copper cylinders on coal fire, and is served with lots of syrup.

Ekmek Kadayif

Another dessert that worth mentioning is ekmek kadayif, a piece of special bread cooked in syrup, topped with lots of walnuts and heavy cream. This is possibly the queen of all desserts, so plan to taste it.


Lokma is probably the lightest and simplest of the desserts on this list. The lokma family is made by frying soft pieces of yeast dough in oil and dipping them in syrup. Lady's lips (dilber dudagi), lady's navel (hanim gobegi), and vizier finger (vezir parmagi) are fine examples. You can easily eat 3-4 of them in one sitting.


Revani (semolina cake) is a light Turkish dessert made from a semolina cake that is soaked in simple syrup. Some recipes add an extra touch, such as lemon or rose water, to the syrup to make revani even more aromatic.


Tulumba, which is a popular dessert of the former Ottoman Empire, is made by deep frying unleavened dough balls and then soaking them in syrup while they are still hot. Tulumba was typically prepared during Ramadan, but today, this classic Turkish dessert is served in any time of the day.


Sekerpare, which is one of the most delicious dessert of dinners and afternoon tea hours, is made with an almond based dough and soaked with a hot sugar syrup. This little delicious dessert is a bit hard and crumbly but melts in your mouth to reveal the sweet syrup. In Turkey, there is no one who does not like sekerpare.

Turkey's 7 Delicious Sugary Desserts
Pistachio Kunefe, Hatay