8 Unique Harvest Experiences

Discover Turkey and its harvest days

Days of Harvest in Turkey

Turkey has delicious and fresh products to consume all year, thanks to the country's farmers and harvesters. Here are 8 traditional harvest days occurring annually in Turkey for an interactive holiday and a true taste of rural living.


190 million olive trees are spread around the country. The olive harvest season usually occurs at the end of the year, from October to December. Visitors to Turkey can pick olives using traditional harvesting techniques, work for just one day or for weeks in a row, and enjoy a unique immersive experience. Also, there are several annual festivals in Turkey to celebrate the olive harvest.


Turkey is considered as the centre of world in terms of quality nuts production. The harvesting of hazelnuts takes place in August and September. Hazelnuts are usually sundried after being harvested. You can see the delicious shades of hazelnuts by visiting Turkey's Black Sea region.


The harvesting of grapes is one of the most important processes for grape producers. In Turkey, the harvest day is so important that vinegrowers organize the festivities to celebrate this event. The grape harvest occurs in September and is celebrated throughout Turkey in August, September and October. Cappadocia, Kirklareli, Bozacaada, Tekirdag and Elazig also have rich grape harvesting traditions.


If August smells like lavender that means you are in Isparta and it is the lavender harvest time. Best time to visit the lavender fields in Isparta is the first half of July. In any case, the lavender blooms from the end of June until its harvest in August.


With its mild climate with high precipitation and fertile soil, the eastern Black Sea coast of Turkey is renowned for its high quality black tea. Due to the content of antioxidants, black tea is also an effective detox drink is one of the most consumed beverages in Turkey. Tea is harvested three times a year in April, June and August.

Pistachio Nuts

Pistachio is a passion for the people of Gaziantep, and the city is surely Turkey's capital of pistachios. According to the purpose of use, the pistachios are harvested usually in two different periods, in the late summer months (from August to September) right before they reach their full blossom. The first crop is generally used in baklava and confectionery industry. The second crop is for table consumption.


The sunflower harvest usually occurs in August and September. The sunflower fields in Thrace part of Turkey, which resemble flower gardens with their yellow and orange tones, host many photographers and nature lovers every year.

Saffron Flowers

Tourists flock to Safranbolu in the Black Sea region of Turkey for the flower that gives the town its name. Saffron is planted in August and harvested here from a purple coloured crocus in October and November. It is recognised as the world's most expensive spice.

Days of Harvest in Turkey
Sunflower Fields, Tekirdag