9 Splendid Tastes of Anatolia

Discover Turkey and splendid flavour inheritance

Anatolia's Splendid Food Culture

Turkish cuisine, having a 600 year splendid flavour inheritance, is among the greatest in the world. From mouth watering kebabs and seafood to local breads and cheeses, the best tastes of a splendid heritage in Anatolia is served up in this article.


Bread is the labor of 5000 years, wheat has a history of 10.000 years. Kavilca and Siyez are two types of wild emmer wheat originating in Anatolia brought back to life. These seeds grow into beautiful yellow stalks before being harvested and ground into the flour used by bakers. Kavilca and Siyez originate in Anatolia thousands of years ago and are transformed into Anatolia bread enjoyed by millions. This cycle of love and labor has continued for millennia in Anatolia ensuring the continuity of ancient seeds and preserving the flavours of the past.


Cheese is where the rich and poor each delight in the incredible taste of a blend of many flavours with many health benefits. Every locality in Turkey produces its own speciality of cheese. The flavour of fresh milk is enriched with the grass that covers Anatolia's lush green plateaus. Boiled and fermented milk becomes something that brings flavour, joy and curative properties to dining tables.


Hundreds of kinds of seafood await you on the shores of Anatolia. Whatever flavour appeals most to your palate, you will find it Turkey's amazing seafood. Come September, fish markets come alive with the tastes of the Aegean, Black Sea, Marmara and Mediterranean. Marinated, poached, grilled or fried, the tastes of the sea are infinitely varied. Seafood is often served as a tasty appetizer. Whatever flavour appeals most to your palate, you will find it in Turkey's amazing seafood.


Spices provide an extra flavour to Anatolian dishes and help preserve foods from going rotten. They delight the palate and heal the body. So much taste comes out of these small ground up flavours. A pinch of spice adds a unique taste to Anatolia's rich cuisine. Their curative properties make them one of the flavourful staples of Anatolian cuisine.


There are dozens of varieties of kebabs in the fertile lands of Anatolia. Skillful hands use the flavours added by fire and smoke to bring out the natural flavours of Anatolian meat. Local spices are mixed with fresh local breads for a kebab that is a feast for the palate. Human ingenuity and nature's bounty has created a food culture in which each region has its own distinctive taste.

Summer Foods

Preserving summer foods into the winter. Preserving fresh flavours of summer is a skilled passed down to each generation. Handmade produce bursting with flavour brings the tastes of the past to the future.


Health and happiness. Sherbet fruit juice is the healthy tradition of Anatolian cuisine. It also represents a healthy and refreshing way to enjoy your meal.

Turkish Coffee

A memory that lasts 40 years. An aroma and a flavour that will stick with you long after it is finished. Turkish coffee is the final guest at the dinner table in Anatolia and a must in all ceremonies.


From Pekmez to Helva. In Anatolia, it is a tradition that when you eat sweets, you speak sweetly. There is no greater pleasure than when your guests enjoy a meal in Anatolia.

Anatolia's Splendid Food Culture
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