Turkish Candied Chestnuts

Discover Turkey and taste delicious marron glace

Classic Turkish Confection

A world famous flavour, candied chestnut (marron glace) is a traditional Turkish sweet, also better known as kestane sekeri in Turkish. Candied chestnuts, a specialty of Bursa, are among the most wonderful nutty desserts.

Traditional Turkish Sweet

Turkish people have very sweet palate, and sugared chestnuts are just one of the most beloved flavours in Turkey. This syrupy sweet is a so delicious and special Turkish sweet made from chestnut. Candied chestnuts have especially long roots that stretch back to the 1300s and the former Ottoman capital of Bursa.

If chestnuts roasting over a crackling fire are evocative of happy times and holidays, then candied chestnuts are their luxurious cousins.

Come and try this unique and warmly sweet savour of candied chestnuts.

Bursa's Regional Specialty

Did you know that some of the world's best chestnuts come from Turkey? So, why Bursa is the capital of the candied chestnuts?

Simply because the most perfect and plumpest chestnuts in Turkey come from the hilly, forested terrain surrounding Bursa. If you are traveling to city of Bursa in Turkey, you absolutely must try this traditional Turkish dessert and get a taste of history. Today, Bursa's candied chestnut is one of the most well known Turkish desserts in the world.

Since the 1300s

Bursa is widely known for producing some of the world's finest chestnuts. Since the 1300s, the people of Bursa have been preparing a delightful taste from these chestnuts by boiling them in a sweetened mixture creating this Turkish delicacy.

How to Prepare

The best quality candied chestnuts are made with the chestnuts collected from Bursa. Firstly chestnuts are boiled, then dipped in syrup to produce that incredible flavour of candied chestnuts. It takes a time commitment of a few days to get to the delicious finish line, but active cooking time is less than 2 hours, in total.

Marron Glace, Classic Turkish Confection
Syrupy Marron Glace, Bursa