Culinary Delights from Alacati

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Alacati Cuisine and Tastes

The origin of Alacati food culture consists of appetisers prepared with various herbs and local flavours unique to the Aegean. Below is the list of delicious food and drinks you should definitely taste in Alacati. We hope you like our suggestions.

What to Eat and Drink

The nature, climate and fertile land have always made the Aegean very special in all periods of history. It is natural that these features have also been reflected in the cuisine. The main point that distinguishes the Aegean, Izmir and Alacati culinary traditions from other culinary practices is the wealth of ingredients and the cultural diversity of the region.

Alacati home cooking is an extension of lzmir cuisine but is not as comprehensive. Most of the meals served in the homes are made of easily available ingredients.

In addition to a wide range of international dishes, you may enjoy local flavours as well at the restaurants in Alacati.


Lavender Lemonade: If you are looking for a drink that will cool you down in the summer, you can refresh with Alacati's famous lavender lemonade. Lavender lemonade, prepared with thinly sliced lemons, orange peels and fresh mint, is made by boiling dried lavenders and sweetening them with sugar. You can taste this drink, which is served with cookies and homemade cakes, with even peach slices added to it, in many popular places.

Mastic Flavoured Turkish Coffee: The official drink of Alacati is of course Turkish coffee with mastic flavour. Decorated with mastic trees, Alacati is the best place in our country where you can drink this type of coffee. You can relax by sipping mastic Turkish coffee at a roadside cafe or seaside restaurant.

Local Flavours

Kumru: Kumru is a special Turkish sandwich unique to the region. Filled typically with cheese, tomato and sausage, you will love this sandwich with all the ingredients it has. The original kumru is ring shaped and covered with sesame seeds.

Mastic: The heartland of mastic trees is hidden in the natural vegetation of Alacati. Mastic milk pudding, mastic ice cream, coffee and cookies are considered as Alacati classics. Mastic milk pudding has an intense flavour. We recommend you to taste this delicious dessert when you go to Alacati. If you wish to cool down, make sure you save some space for Alacati's very own mastic ice cream.

Breakfast: Breakfast is also very famous in Alacati. We invite you to an appetizing breakfast table. Alacati's village breakfast is the first step for you to start your day fit. Lor cheese and freshly cooked hot jams add a different flavour to breakfast. This pleasure should be accompanied by a pot of tea.

Meze Dishes: Undoubtedly, one of the most popular dishes in Alacati is meze. Hot or cold small dishes are served before or during meals. In all likelihood you will not know the herb presented before you on the dinner table, but you will never be disappointed.

Kabak Cicegi Dolmasi: Kabak Cicegi Dolmasi (Stuffed Zucchini Flowers) is one of the famous flavours of Alacati. The zucchini flower, collected in early July, has a delicate plant stem. Pure olive oil is used in the preparation phase of the stuffing. It is served with garlic yogurt or lemon juice. It is a delicious dish that you can find in most restaurants in Alacati.

Midye: Midye (stuffed mussels) can be found on almost every corner in Alacati. The mussles are stuffed with herbed rice, currants, pine nuts, and with a few drops of lemon juice it is just ready for you to eat. The balanced use of spices is a factor that increases the quality of its taste.

Herbs: Herbs are an important part of Alacati cuisine. These herbs are mostly boiled or sauteed, dressed in olive oil and lemon and take their place on the tables as salads.

Alacati Cuisine and Tastes
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