Local Flavours of Aegean Cuisine

Discover Aegean and taste healthy delicacies

Epic Delights from the Aegean

The Aegean cuisine, known all over the world for olive oil dishes, invites you for a special dining adventure full of unique tastes. It adds a different savour to Turkish cuisine with its special salads, delicious desserts, vegetable dishes, kebabs, seafoods and snacks.

Aegean Cuisine

Every region of Turkey hosts for the delicious dishes from each other thanks to their unique climate and vegetation. Local herbs, vegetables and spices add a different flavour to the dishes.

Aegean cuisine has a special place in Turkish food culture with its healthy and light yet absolutely delicious recipes. Famous for olive oil and variety of herbs, the foods of these fertile lands are very healthy. Turkish Aegean region is full of flavours you have never tasted before. If you have not tried to taste Aegean dishes before, you are always invited to taste these amazing tasty foods.

Wonderful Flavours of Izmir

Izmir kofte, kumru and keskek are among the favourite delicacies you can taste almost everywhere in Izmir with special sauce and extraordinary lightness. For breakfast or afternoon tea you can enjoy boyoz and Izmir tulumu. The city is famous for its abundance of herbs, olive oil made from olive trees, and seafood it has to offer. Sea beans, chicory root, ivy, nettle, arapsaci, ebegumeci, cibez and radika are some favourite herbs in Izmir.

Healthy and Delicious Dishes

Olive Oil Dishes: With its olive oil flavours that will be good for the heart, Aegean allows you to meet special tastes you have not tasted before.

Stuffed grape leaves is the first comes to mind among the olive oil dishes. This special taste, which is made in two ways with meat or olive oil, captivates gourmets thanks to the fresh grape leaves collected in the Aegean region of Turkey. The area has also a very different and diverse olive oil meal list consisting of delicious recipes; such as kabak cicegi dolmasi (stuffed zucchini flowers), sevketi bostan and sea beans. These delicious recipes are made with pleasure in almost all Aegean provinces like Mugla, Izmir, Aydin.

Seafoods: Aegean people especially favour seafoods, including kefal dolmasi, lobster, shrimp, squid, octopus, stuffed mussels, and many varieties of fish.

Salads: The roasted eggplant salad is a popular favourite on the Aegean dinner table, either as the main meal or a side dish. Other commonly eaten salads include sea beans, cibes, radika, nuraniye, kidney bean and labada.

Unique Desserts: Offering a unique delicacies such as Izmir lokmasi, sambali, zerde and gerdan dessert for those who like different types of desserts, Aegean cuisine welcomes people having a fine palate with otlu borek option.

Kebabs: Kebab varieties are also very popular in Aegean cuisine. If you visit Mugla do not return without eating the perfect cokertme kebab and dos dolmasi.

Soups: The famous tarhana soup, one of Mugla's most famous dishes, is a healing remedy. Miyane is another soup that is candidate to be the first choice of those who are looking for flavour bombs with a very little material.

Epic Delights from the Aegean
Stuffed Grape Leaves, Aegean