Olive Oil Tourism in Turkey

Discover Turkey and enjoy the olive culture


Turkish Olive Oil Experience

Turkey's Best Olive Oil Flavours

Best Turkish Olive Oil Flavours

Turkey is the homeland of olive and olive oil. Discover the unique colour, scent and flavour of Turkish extra virgin olive oil, three characteristics guaranteed by Turkish olive oil producers. Enjoy them in our local dishes and be sure to buy some to take home.

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Artichoke with Olive Oil

Inspirational Olive Stories

Turkey's Olive Growing Regions

Olive Growing Areas of Turkey

This is a story of thousands of years. In a way this is a story of the Mediterranean country and civilization. Explore the leading areas where olive is produced in Turkey. They are scattered all over the country.

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Turkey's Native Olive Varieties

Indigenous Olive Varieties

Home to hundreds of indigenous varieties of olives, Turkey is one of the fortunate countries in the world and is ranked as the world's second biggest producer.

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Turkish Olive Harvest Tours

Olive Harvest Tours in Turkey

In Turkey, every day, more and more people are coming to enjoy olive harvest tours. Thanks to olive harvest tours you can discover the world of liquid gold and witness the miracle of the olive trees on a nice excursion.

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